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SUMMARY - 9/25

posted Sep 26, 2018, 7:32 AM by Kathy Scheel
We had another new guest (from Meetup), Frances Beranbaum, as well as returning guests Jenn Seinmetz and Elaine Mishey.  But we sure missed you OSC members who couldn't be at rehearsal (19 were present).  We'll look forward to having you all back on the risers next week when we kick off our annual Christmas Chorus.  It's amazing that we've been doing this since 2005; this is our 13th year!  Please share the lovely flyer that Diane Watson created; go out and post it at various places in your community, talk to women about us, be a part of our growth!   The schedule for rehearsals starting Tuesday (Oct 2) will be:
  • 6:30 - 8:00 - Christmas songs (90 minutes)
  • 8:00 - 8:10 - Short break (only 10 minutes, please!)
  • 8:10 - 9:30 - Regular repertoire  (80 minutes)
Since we only have a small amount of time together, please be sure to make most announcements via email. 

After Judy Gobat's fun and upbeat rhythmic exercises, we talked about WHY we do those:  building stamina and strength, getting the blood flowing, oxygenating, moving your body in rhythm to the music, increasing coordination, and just plain having fun!  Singing is a physical activity, so it's important to do these regularly to keep your instrument in the best condition possible.

I reviewed some approaches to the Singer's Stance (body alignment for your instrument):
  • Put thumb at bottom of center bra line (front) and middle finger in your belly button.  Now stretch/elongate the space between those two fingers by 1-2 inches.  Feel what happens to your body alignment!  The sternum is raised, the head is erect and parallel to the floor, the ribs are high and wide.  
  • Stay in this position as you rehearse / perform.  It allows the lungs and diaphragm to work efficiently, plus it looks great!
  • Singer's position is home base - your body should remain fluid (not static) but always return to home base.
  • While standing to rehearse, put your thumbs on your bum (fanny) and feel that same stretch/lift of the ribcage.  Now sing and hear/feel the difference in your sound.  More rich and round?  Yeah!!
Vowel-matching is very important to barbershop (or any ensemble singing).  Primary vowels are the target for every word, and we can only ring chords on vowels (not consonants).  Continue your good work on singing from vowel-to-vowel, and always going for the target vowels, such as:
  • GONE (AH)
  • HOME (OH)
  • MY (MAH-ee)
  • BOY (BOH-ee)
  • LOVE (UH)
  • DAY (DEH-ee)
  • NEW (OO)
  • Special Visitor:  Mary Mamer, Regional Events Coordinator, came to represent the Regional Management Team.  She described the positions on the team and let us know that they are always looking for volunteers to help on the many jobs required to run regional events.
  • Performing: A complete list of performances will be distributed next week, and I sent OSC members an email about this 2 weeks ago but haven't heard from everyone yet.  Please see that email and respond (if you haven't already), especially about the SenateAires show.
  • Pride of Portland's send-off show is October 6.  I sent an email with the link to purchase tickets (you can print it immediately), so I sure hope we have a good showing of support from OSC.  Ryan will be coaching us in a couple of months, so I know it would mean a lot to him to see us there.
  • Quality Control:  Every member of OSC is expected to participate fully in the quality control programs, starting with self-evaluations.  Each of you should have completed your self-evals by now on the songs that were introduced this summer, but I can tell that several of you have not yet done that.  It's very important that you get the songs solid, especially on the two contest songs, because we've got an international level coach coming in just 7 weeks, and we are not making the progress needed to be ready for her.  I don't want to cancel the coaching session!  Section Leaders have been reporting to Karlene Hancock, who is keeping track), so if you have not done your self-evaluation by next week, I will ask you to sing for me in person.  That'll be fun....right?
  • Saturday, Sept 29, we are having a half-day session (26 are expected, but guests are certainly welcome and encouraged to come, too).  Here's the schedule:
    • Morning, by appointment with Cindy Meyers, tunic cutting.  Contact cindy.meyers@oregonspirit.org
    • 1:00 - 2:00 -  What Does it Mean to Sing at B+ Level?
    • 2:00 - 4:00 -  Review Christmas songs - bring your music to mark up.
      • Happy Holiday
      • Go, Tell it on the Mountain
      • Peace on Earth
      • BankAmericard
      • Winter Wonderland
      • Jingle Bell Rock
      • Mary, Did You Know
      • O, Holy Night
      • Joy to the World
    • 4:00 - Pizza and wine together somewhere?  

GPS - Guiding Purpose Slogan:  Elaine Rosenberg facilitated the creation of a new GPS, which is a concise, meaningful mantra that will help each of us gain/maintain the enthusiasm and passion for our chorus, our sisters in song, our music, and our commitment to each other.  Several really awesome ideas came out of the brainstorming but the clear and popular choice was: