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SUMMARY - 9/18/18

posted Sep 20, 2018, 10:18 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Sep 20, 2018, 8:32 PM ]
We were so pleased to see five new guests, plus three returning guests at Tuesday night's open house:
  1. Morgan Hunter (baritone - invited by Diane Watson/Janet Owen)
  2. Paula Burgess (lead - former member of OSC)
  3. Diane Calkins (lead - former member of OSC)
  4. Sara Thomas (bass - invited by Linda O'Donnell)
  5. Morgan Thomas (baritone - invited by Linda O'Donnell)
  6. LeaAnn Bettis (lead - invited by Karen Wildman)
  7. Elaine Mishey (baritone - invited by Karen Wildman)
  8. Jenn Steinmetz (bass - Meetup)
  • If you were assigned as their Riser Buddy, be sure to contact your buddy to help her feel welcome!  Janet Owen has their email addresses.  
  • We are expecting two more guests to return next week:  Noel St. Claire (lead - Meetup), and Tera Eilers-Butler (baritone - Meetup).   
  • Meetup is working - it will work even better, if EVERYONE signs in and is active.  
  • If you have a friend who couldn't make it last night, be sure to invite them to the Christmas Chorus!
The group voice lesson went well, and some of our OSC members also participated (thank you).  Our rhythmic warmups were led by our youngest member, Amy Amato, and then I presented a few new approaches to vocal skills that I got from the weekend's workshop (AIM - Adventures in Music).  Here are some of my favorites:
  • Demonstrating diaphramatic breathing.  See the animation of this action.
  • Hiss for a few seconds, then hiss really loudly - feel the muscles engage in the abdominal area, lifting the diaphram in and up to expel air out of the lungs.  This is what is happening when we're singing a phrase.
  • Here's an animation of what happens with diaphragm breathing.  Copy this link into your browser:
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1QyU9hyHRM 

AIM (Adventures in Music):  Four OSC members (in addition to me) attended last weekend's workshop in Sacramento:  Laurie Burk, Denise, Taylor, Linda O'Donnell, and Karen Wildman.  They shared the favorites moments from classes, and I hope we'll get lots more of you attending the next AIM on January 25-26.  There will be a variety of good classes, and the Novice Quartet and Octet Parade (always fun).  Registrations will probably start in late December, and I'll keep you posted on good airfares, so we can hopefully ride to the airport and fly together.

Christmas Chorus 2018:  We will kick off our annual Christmas Chorus on October 2nd (see our updated website home page) so be sure to invite your friends to come and sing with us.  Please ask them to RSVP to me so we'll know how many to expect, and so our membership team can be prepared.  We had 68 singers in our 2017 Christmas Chorus; let's make it over 70 this year!

September 29 Update:  The Costume Team advises me that they need more than an hour to get everyone's tunics cut, so Cindy Meyers will be sending out a schedule of when she'd like you to arrive (with scissors & pins) on Saturday, September 29th.  She anticipates starting the first group at 10:00, then another group at 11:00, 12:00, and 1:00.  Respond to her email quickly so she can finalize plans.  Our new costumes are fairly simple, but will be so elegant, and you'll be guided by other members who have sewing experience.  No worries!

Quilt Raffle:  The very talented Linda O'Donnell and Cindy Meyers have created another beautiful quilt and are selling raffle tickets for $5 each, or three tickets for $10.  You can buy the tickets either in person, or on our website's OSC Store via our home page very soon.  The drawing will be held in December and this will be posted on OSC's Facebook page, so share-share-share on your timeline, and send it to specific friends.  The official flyer will be mailed to you by Diane Watson (Marketing Coordinator) soon.

Sing every day.