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SUMMARY - 6/12

posted Jun 13, 2018, 9:47 AM by Kathy Scheel

What a wonderful evening!  Here's what we did: 

  • Reinforcing the vocal skills - Your personal focused attention to these basic skills are the building blocks that will catapult you to the next level.  Practice them at least every 2-3 days to build upon the skills you already have.  This is the path to B+ level singing!
    • Posture - Look in the mirror and check that you are holding your musical instrument proudly, providing the foundation for optimum breath support.  Put your arms out to your sides at a right angle, palms facing upward, and sing a few phrases.  Feel the incredible control you have!
    • Resist collapse - keep the ribs high and wide at all times, allowing your muscles to lift the air up and out in a controlled fashion
    • 3D Breathe - every breathe must be wide, tall, and deep.
    • Resonating space - Consciously feel the lowering of your larynx, and the depression of your tongue, allowing much more access to your resonating spaces.
    • Sing from the core - engage those core muscles by bending your knees (keep back straight) and bringing your arms up as if you're hugging a big tree.  Sing a few phrases like this and feel the muscles work to control your voices, releasing all tension from your neck/throat.  Maintain that core engagement when you stand back up to your best singing posture.
    • Perform every time - Even when you're working on technical skills, try to add the visual/performance element so that becomes your new normal.  It takes lots of practice, but the more you use body language, facial expression, rhythmic motions, the more free your voice will become.  And that's what we all strive for.  Gone are the days of just running through a song!  PERFORM!
  • In keeping with your theme this year, you sang the tag "We Are United" and most of you have it memorized - yay! I'm attaching here (see the bottom of this post for the file) so you can work on it.
  • Coached the chorus on the following songs.  Section leaders will send you specific notes on each of the.m
    • All the Things You Are - dynamic contrast, using excellent vocal skills, target vowels, basses lighter on tag (listen to tenors)
    • Who's Sorry Now - tall vowels, sync, basses lighter on tag (listen to tenors)
    • Peace on Earth - patriotic, reverent, instant tuning on the last page, 3D breaths throughout
    • Can't Buy Me Love - work on note accuracy, especially on m51-54
    • Star-Spangled Banner - know where the melody is and be sensitive to it
    • Happy Together - tempo and sync, quick breaths, leads tuning
    • Sweet Dreams - dynamic contrast, tempo, choreography
  • Section leaders (Judy, Cat, Karlene, Laurie) did a great job in helping with three successful auditions for:
    • Jenn Steinmetz
    • Carilyn Ellis
    • Marilyn Ellis
  • The 17 singers who will be performing for Flag Day on Thursday at the Elks rehearsed the two songs (Peace on Earth, and Star-Spangled Banner) and they will represent us in an awesome way!  Linda O'Donnell sent a note to clarify what we are wearing.  
  • The afterglow was a blast - you really need to hear the hilarious story of Judy Dixon going to the dentist!
  • Reminders:
    • Work on "Consider Yourself" to welcome in new members soon.
    • If you want to go on the beach trip the weekend of August 24-26, contact Eileen.Kemp@oregonspirit.org. 
    • Register for Oregon Days.
    • Memorize the tag "We Are United".
    • Send names of your guests that you're inviting to visit next week to me - copy Lynne Rice and Janet Owen.
Keep up the great progress on vocal skills.  Your work is showing!   And it'll be fun to hear these skills applied to all the new songs we've got coming up this summer!

In harmony,


Kathy Scheel,
Jun 13, 2018, 9:47 AM