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SUMMARY - 4/9/19

posted Apr 10, 2019, 9:25 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Apr 11, 2019, 3:40 PM ]
EVERYONE WAS THERE - and it was glorious!!!   Thank you so much for bringing your voices, bodies, and energies!  Let's do it again next week!  That's the way we can build the sound and make progress!  I was finally able to hear the whole chorus and it was so exciting - and also very helpful in making final adjustments to the riser chart.  I'm still needing more Lead sound, so I'm moving a few leads forward and a few baritones/tenors towards the back. 


WELCOME to our newest member, DAGMAR AMRIEN!  She is not going to Reno with us so she's not rehearsing on the risers for now, but she was doing all the choreography and everything from the back of the room.  You go, Dagmar!  

There are a few things happening behind the scenes recently:
  • Management Team met on Monday night.  Minutes will be posted on the website for those interested.  
  • Music Team met on Tuesday night.  Talked about performance readiness (vocal and visual), helping new members, Christmas chorus plans (which will be different this year due to our Dec 7 show), evaluations/follow-up to ensure accuracy on all songs, and new music.
  • Toured the facility for the Dec 7 show (Dayspring Fellowship Center in Keizer) with Karen Wildman and Judy Dixon.  Made some tentative plans for lobby tables, lighting, rooms for performers.
Nearly everyone had your costumes completed and you are looking lovely!  We'll be wearing them for the April 23rd performance for our families & friends, so if you didn't have yours last night or if you have alterations or additions to do, get them done and bring them next week to show Linda & Cindy to be sure everything is perfect.  Every single one of you is going to look and feel beautiful.    Especially after you get the makeup, earrings, and everything else on.  We'll be wearing heavy street makeup that night.   The songs for 4/23 are (in this order):
  • Happy Together - practice the choreography on your own this week
  • Fun in Just One Lifetime - practice the transition into the tag, and the tuning on the tag
  • And So it Goes - some staging
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - practice the choreography 
  • Sister Act - sing the song 3 times in a row with the 4-part track
  • Sweet Dreams - with lighted gloves (need someone to turn off lights on 4/23)
    • Party Time Quartet (w/Karlene Hancock) 
  • After I'm Gone
  • I'll Be Seeing You
    • Door Prize (or something)
  • The Parting Glass
CONTEST SET  -  Here's the link to the video from last night. https://youtu.be/ogFcxYXng7c   There are so many things that you'll love about this performance: really solid and lovely singing, most bodies moving and emoting, good tuning.  There are things that need attention so I'll describe them here line-by-line (including breaths) so be sure to target these areas when you rehearse each and every day - at full performance level.  Add 1 degree of heat every time so you are building stamina, muscle memory, and confidence!


Breathe together!  Start and stop every word/phrase together.  From a judging standpoint, unity affects every category!
  • Use the palm-fist method when you rehearse so you can feel the smoother connection of the words, stretching every vowel, and every phrase to the fullest value.  This also helps identify the breathing plan.
  • Practice taking quicker breaths so the uptune maintains its tempo (164 bpm) and the ballad has forward motion and energy and passion!  
Listen to each other to be sure you are singing in tune with the whole chorus, and in the same vocal space.  Work on instant tuning/placement of target vowels.

Breaths are at the end of each of the lines shown below (B).  These are the ONLY places you should breathe.

Pitch (key of F):  NUH
Really solid!  

Don't forget what I say, I knew there'd come a deh-eh-ee.(B)
Keep the sound as strong as the pitch.  "Come" tuning; softer start on "day" and maintain tuning.

You'd miss me when I was gone I'm sayin when I was gone on my vacation. (B)
Sync - take immediate ownership of that tempo; keep wall of sound on "sayin"; stretch "vacation" to fullest value

After I had many libations, you were blue. (B)
Get immediately softer; stretch "blue" and visual premove is on "you were" then hand on cheek on "blue"

You were sad. (B)
Stay soft, stretch sad.

Because you realize what you had. (B)
Stretch "had" to fullest value.

When I came home to you, I started freaking. (B)
Stretch freaking.

All of the kids (your kids) were streaking. (B)
Leads-lower on "all";  stretch streaking.

No showers over ten days, ew (B)
Check note accuracy on "over ten days" - don't cut off "ew"

The smell put me into a haze, cuz I was gone (B)
Sync, and stretch "gone"

Leaving you on your own,  your own. (B)
Leads-lower on "leaving".  Sync; stretch "own"

Kitty cat left a present by the door. (B)
Sounding good here.

It's spreading all over the kitchen floor. (B)
Sync, stretch the vowel on "kitchen", wait until the last moment to do the vocal thing on "floor"

There's pizza boxes there, and there, and everywhere. (B)
Tuning/accuracy needs work through this phrase and into key change, esp. leads and baritones

There's something growing in the fridge, beware! (B)
Some tuning issues - baritones

Beer cans everywhere - don't you care? (B)
Leads a bit higher on "cans".

The dog is hungry, did you feed him dear? (B)
Nicely done, but would like it a bit softer.

Listen, I'll be clear you know that I gotta leave for now, stop (B)
Quicker breath after "stop" to set and maintain tempo 

your whining, pick up the mess (your mess) I want it shining (B)
Wall of sound thru "whining - pick...(no breath) - quick breath after "shining"

Do the dishes in the sink. (B)
Sync - stretch the vowel on "dishes" and put a big K on "sink"

And do the laundry cuz the clothes turned pink. (B)
Tempo is starting to lag here... dig deeper, and bigger K on "pink"

Wash all the floors, they're all so sticky. (B)
Tempo!  sync

Water the plants, they're dry and sickly. (B)
Leads note accuracy on "the";  stretch "sickly"

And you bought a new sports car. (B)
Unity and tempo - keep it tight.

I'll take it for a spin but not. (B)
Nice job on transition of tempo to stomp beat

Far, cuz tho I will drive away, when I come back I'll say. (B)
Some minor tuning issues in this phrase, baris higher

Ahhhhh.  (B)
Make it sound loving (instead of exhausted)

I missed you every day, every day. (B)
Tuning/accuracy - basses rock! 

Here to stay. (B)
Lock "stay" instantly; pull back a bit on dynamics and then grow on my cue (with visual plan)


Pitch (key of B):  LUHv
Not quite in tune; basses lighten up a bit.

Love you, night and day, whenever I'm away. (B)
Enunciate "love" with the singable V, lift "you" and "day", internal sync, stretch the last chord longer. 

I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places (B)
Work on instant tuning (use PanoTuno)

That this heart of mine embraces all day through (all day through). (B)
A bit ploddy, let it float naturally - tuning on "through, all day through" - more lead on "through"

In that small cafe, the park across the way (B)
A bit out of sync this time through, but this part is usually really nice

The children's carousel, the chestnut tree. (B)
Sync not quite together - stretch tree a bit longer

The wishing well. (B)
A bit quicker on "the"; more lead on "well"

I'll be seeing you. (B)
Keep this on the high side, and add a warmer sound; tenors be careful on volume and vibrato

In every lovely summer's day, in everything that's light and gay.(B)
Nicely done but could be less wordy

I'll always think of you that way. (B)
Tenors tuning on "you that way"; a bit out of sync

I'll find you in the morning sun. (B)
Nice but would like to stretch sun just a bit longer.

And when the night is through, I'll be looking at the moo-oo-oon. (B)
Sync on "I'll be"

But I'll be seeing you (only you). (B)
Leads - match the OO vowel on "you, only you"; baris and basses get much stronger on the echo; tenors tuning

I'll find you in the mo-or-ning sun! (B)
More NG on "morning" - then a quick/emotional breath after "sun" 

And when the night is new-ew. (B)
New is really nice! More lead on last note

I'll be looking at the moon (at the moon). (B)
A bit ploddy on "looking at the moon", tenors careful on volume and vibrato

Now I'll be seeing you, it's you. (B)
Everyone sings "you, it's you"; a bit more lead on the first "you" (melody), then tenors take over melody on second "you"

It's always you. 
Wait until I direct the S on "al-ways" - there are still about 3 of you putting it on too soon! Tenors maintain tuning.

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