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SUMMARY - 3/12/19

posted Mar 13, 2019, 9:50 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Mar 13, 2019, 9:52 AM ]

There were lots of important announcements made, and you'll be receiving information from various people, so be sure to watch (and respond) to your emails every 2 days in order to stay current on everything: 

  • Contest matters - registration, photographs, meals, and more!
  • Spring flower sales - an annual fundraiser
  • Scrip orders - an ongoing fundraiser
  • Sara Amato presented the Spirited Sister boa to Cindy Meyers for being the only tenor at the Advance on Saturday.
  • Diane Elliott (former member) is offering to make personalized handbags for members.  If you didn't get a chance to sign up, contact Diane Watson know and she'll let Diane Elliott know.  
  • Doodle poll for "Octet Coaching" -  respond to my email of March 11 with ALL of the dates you're available so I can put together octets for coaching.  
  • March 19 - Elks is getting new flooring installed and Blake will confirm with us on Friday (Mar 15) whether we will (or will not) be able to rehearse at the Elks on March 19.  At this point, we've got a plan to rehearse in duet/sections, but watch your email in case this changes.


Karlene Hancock led the choreography session and Elaine Rosenberg assisted.  There were a few minor changes made, so new choreography sheets will be posted with the uptune in the Music Library soon.  The main things for you to do are:

  • Practice EVERY DAY in front of a mirror.  
  • Use MUCH more facial expression and body language
  • Sing at FULL VOLUME (not a tiny sound) with the recording I sent on Monday
  • Video yourself and see if you're actually doing what you think you're doing
  • Continue to breathe in the proper places - every time you do a run-through, you are training your body to handle the movement while singing your best.  
  • Repeat.

THANK YOU for your focused work tonight!  The uptune is getting cleaner each week and as improvements/changes are made, I've been so impressed with how quickly you're able to do them!  The trick is to be able to put all the changes together through the entire song, and then do them every time.  Everyone has a different way of processing information so it's going to take each member's continued work at home to really solidify things.  "Studies have shown" that it takes approximately 300 repetitions to learn something new (when a piece of music is changed after you've learned it the "old" way), so....uh....GO!   



  • Target vowels need to be taller - more vertical (less horizontal) space.  You all heard the chords ring when we matched vowels - wow - so mark your music, and listen to your recordings to be sure you're singing tall primary vowels.
    • Say should be sung as SEH.....ee   (feel how tall that feels compared to a regular spoken "say"?)
    • Day should be sung as DEH.....ee
    • Stay should be sung as STEH.....ee
  • Phrase endings need to be stretched >>>>>>>
    • Vacation ---
    • Blue ---
    • Sad ---
    • Freaking ---
    • Streaking ---
    • Door ---
    • Floor ---
    • Everywhere---
    • Stop --- (not so abrupt)
    • Sticky ---
    • Sickly ---
    • Car ---
    • Not ---
  • Breaths must be done as ONE - especially at beginnings and endings of phrases.  They are all in tempo.  
  • Measure 23-24:  Practice it until it's automatic.
  • Measure 26:  Everyone sings "to you" 
  • M30:  Your kids rhythm is changed 
  • M54:  Add that extra beat before the slip on "floor"
  • M64:  New key starts here, and it must be sung higher
  • M75:  Get back into the fast tempo immediately
  • M75-86 breathing pattern:  
    • Listen, I'll be clear you know that I gotta leave for now, stop
    • your whining, pick up the mess, your mess, I want it shining
      • "shining" is faster (like whining) so you'll have a bit more time to breathe before "do the dishes"
  • M107-109:  New pattern - "I'll take it for a spin but not----- far, cuz though I will drive away ..."
    • Take the breath out between "away, when"
    • Say is SEHHHH
  • M115-123:  Everyone work on note accuracy for the tag.  
    • Tenors:  Relax!  Bubble your notes and feel how there's no tension; then just sing it that way.  Practice doing that every day so you become accustomed to the feeling of relaxed, tension-free singing.
    • Leads and Baritones:  Tiny moves on "here to"
    • Basses:  The whole phrase should be in your head voice - not pushed up from the chest.
  • Dynamics must be more apparent - louds are stronger; softs are quieter and more supported
  • Bigger K on "sink" and "pink"
  • Leads - work on the notes at the beginning of every phrase, especially the ones that start lower than the rest of the phrase.
    • After I had ....
    • Because you realize....
    • All of the kids....
    • Cuz I was gone...
    • Leaving you on...
    • Pick up the mess...
  • Baritones - you know the notes, so now you need to listen to the leads (and basses) to do the fine-tuning required in your part.  There are some places that must be sung higher. Karlene will send you some detailed notes on those spots. 


  • Direct yourself as you sing.  This will help add more fluidity to the sound, more natural phrase delivery (less choppy).
  • Work with the new breathing plan.  Repeat.
  • AHH....eel    (9 times in the song). Everyone seems to be taking turns singing the lovely AH vowel for I'LL.  It makes such a huge difference when it's unified, so when you listen to your recording this week, pay attention to that and check your target vowels.  This will have a positive effect on the score for every category as it makes the chords ring!
  • Dynamic changes need more emphasis.
  • Work on the intro - it's still a bit sluggish and sad sounding.
  • Sing the entire song with a sparkle in the eyes - look in the mirror and see if you are smiling.  Video yourself singing it - could be revealing.
  • AHH....eel
  • Every time there is a held note, add more space to your sound to "spin" it and keep it from being stagnant.  ("do something")
  • Leads - add more space to your sound, as if you're an opera singer. Exaggerate it to get the general feeling of space and tallness in the back of the throat.  Some voices are sticking out of the sound, so even when there are leads missing, resist the temptation to sing too loud (out of the unit).
  • Leads - check accuracy of notes on "carousel".
  • AHHH...eel
  • More dynamic contrast from every singer
  • Tuning and balance on "wishing well" - baritones be careful since you're above the leads here, and basses are low.
  • The OOO vowel on MOON and YOU needs to be wider (not squeezed shut).  Look at yourself in the mirror and check your mouth posture; open it up just a bit (it will feel almost like an OH).
  • Be careful in a few places where a word with a bright vowel can pop out of the sound.  I call that "down boys" (marked as DB in my music) such as:
    • M9:  "that"  (soften the edges)
    • M46:  "at"
  • AHHHH...eel
  • M48:  Quicker, cascading effect
  • Tag lyrics:  "It's always you"

Sing with finesse and beauty at all times.  The more your rehearse it that way, the more natural and authentic is will be.  Our audiences will enjoy the emotions your give them.



Whoever has props, bring them to the risers every week.  We need to be rehearsing with them and getting used to handling them, work on timing, etc.

  • Pizza boxes (3 - give to JoAnn, ElaineR, and JudyG)
  • Beer cans (2 large, recognizable brands - give to Pam and Janice)
  • Dog (put under Karlene's riser)
  • Pink undies (Denise, Smitty, Barb, Janet, TammyL, Karlene, me)
  • Suitcases (bring the ones you'll be taking to Reno; we'll choose which ones to put the signs on.  I'll make signs to tape onto them - Hawaii, Paris, Reno, New York, Yellowstone)