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SUMMARY - 1/5/19

posted Jan 5, 2019, 8:24 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jan 6, 2019, 12:55 AM ]
What a jam-packed day of singing, communicating, and sharing!  We had 19 members and 2 guests (Frances Beranbaum and Pam White) in attendance.  There were several ladies who stayed home due to sickness; we hope you are all healthy again very soon cuz we sure missed you!  We had a lot of things to get done and we managed to get through almost everything, and I felt that the discussion/meeting was really worthwhile.  I've tried to capture the highlights here, and you can check with your section leader or the person in charge of a specific area (membership, show, etc.) if you have questions.

  • Sister Act - We sang along with Speed of Sound and listened for all the nuances of their singing. Download their recording from our music library, analyze what you hear, and then do your best to imitate it in every way.  Go beyond the notes and words; convey the true message of the lyrics every time you sing it.  No more sheet music allowed on the risers for this (except new people).  We can only make progress when all singers have it memorized. 
  • Sweet Dreams - We worked on tempo and unity, as well as more connection (less choppiness) in all the THM-THMMs. We will have an updated visual plan in about a week (utilizing some lighted gloves).
  • Fun In Just One Lifetime - Worked more on smoothing out the phrases so they're less choppy, especially the 2nd verse.  Try this: sing through a phrase with just the vowels (or add an N to the beginning of each word and sing the vowel), then gradually add just the minimal amount of consonants to train yourself to sing with a constant wall of sound (not a picket fence).  At first it will seem almost mushy, but you're just taking the sharp edges off while maintaining tempo.
  • All the Things You Are - You've retained a lot of the beauty of this song, so continue your good work here. We'll be doing some more work on this in the coming weeks.
  • Happy Together - The main issues are tempo, tuning, and unity.  Most of you know this song (and the rest of you were doing a good job in keeping up).  Work on instant interval accuacy while singing it very slow, then gradually increase the tempo until you are up to the metronome speed of 140 GPM.  Also check your tuning accuracy with the PanoTuner app.  We'll go thru this together with our guests on Tuesday so please review it before them.
  • I'll Be Seeing You - We got this song in November (immediately after our Sandy Marron weekend Nov 17-18) and you all "vowed" to learn it right away.....so I will fully expect everyone to be off the sheet music by next week.  We worked on the interpretive plan and discovered some really yummy barbershop chords that will take some finesse and work on balancing the parts to really ring them. This is going to be a beautiful addition to our repertoire as soon as we can move forward (when you know your part).    
  • After I'm Gone - We reviewed this in sectionals but didn't sing it together.  We discovered a couple of places on the sheet music that need to be fixed (dang) so I'll work on that and will send it to out on Sunday so you can all print out a shiny new copy for yourself. We'll work on this Tuesday night a bit.
    • I've asked for some of you to make (and bring) the props for this uptune so we can work them into the visual plan.  Let's start this on Jan 15th. Metronome speed:  164 BPM
  • Happy Birthday - We'll sing this on the first Tuesday of every month, to celebrate the birthdays for that month (and the birthday girls will stand in the center of the room so we can honor them).
  • Valegrams songs - We ran through these songs one time. For more info on Valegrams, see an earlier Kathy's Korner, or ask Janice LaCombe.
    • Let Me Call You Sweetheart
    • Now I Know Why
    • I Love You Truly
  • And So it Goes - We didn't have time to go through this and there were several people who have never sung it before, so we'll wait a couple of weeks to get it going again.  Please take the time to go through it on your own because we're planning to sing it on the 2/16 show in Canby (6 weeks from now).
  • Sing & Celebrate - We didn't have time to go through this one either, so please review it, and pay special attention to the notes and tuning on the tag.
  • GPS - Elaine Rosenberg led us in a session of exploring what PROMISES can be made to the chorus, to each other, an d to ourselves in support of our GPS (Guiding Principle Slogan):  Sisters Singing, Chords Ringing, Feeds My Soul.  What can YOU promise?  How will YOU enter each rehearsal?  How can YOU make the entire chorus experience better for yourself and all your singing sisters?
  • MEMBERSHIP - Lynne Rice and Janet Owen presented the new procedure for processing guests from their first visit through the time they become members of OSC.  You will each become a Chorus Sister for each guest, helping train them in all things Sweet Adelines, Oregon Spirit, Region 12, etc.  You'll be receiving lots more information on this from Janet Owen or Lynne Rice so watch for that and review the attachment so you are aware of your new "job description".  Let them know if you have questions.
    • IMPORTANT:  If we want to grow this chorus, it will take the active involvement of each member to invite ladies to visit on Tuesday night. Think about all the things you've gained from singing in OSC: friends, skills, performing, education, costumes!   This is truly a GIFT that you will give to someone and it will change her life in such a wonderful way.  Please send your guests' names to me and Janet and Lynne so we know how many to expect.   
  • COSTUMES - Linda O'Donnell, Cindy Meyers, and JoAnn Perry presented the new fascinator hats, as well as important dates and the timeline for the new tunics.  
    • Jan 12 - Meeting at JoAnn's home (see her email) to discuss application of bling on tunics
    • Jan 29 - All tunics done (but not hemmed yet)
    • Feb 26 - All bling embellishments done; all fascinator hats done
  • FUNDRAISINGJanice LaCombe and Laurie Burk presented information on the proposed fundraisers for 2019.  They will be sending out a survey so respond quickly (just to the sender).  A list of 2018's fundraising project results will be posted on the website so you can see which ones were successful. 
  • BUDGET - Elaine Rosenberg presented the chorus budget for calendar year 2019, including a special costume fee.  She will send out an email to get your vote on approving the budget so respond right away.  If you have general questions, forward them to Elaine; if you have bookkeeping questions, send those to Cindy Meyers.
  • SHOW - Norine Ask presented general information about the show scheduled for Saturday, December 7th, featuring the Queens of Harmony LoveNotesQuartet.  She sent an email yesterday with a list of committees and we'll need every single member to get involved in some way.  It's great that we're able to get a head start on this so we'll have more time to sell program ads, get gift cards donated, do the marketing, and sell tickets.  Norine and I are visiting a possible venue this week, and Karen Wildman has agreed to be our Show Chair.  Let's bring the very best of barbershop to the SAlem community!  Volunteer to help in some way.
  • IRELAND - Only 12 members signed up to go to Ireland in October 2020.  That tour was built around our participation in a singing competition, so I will inform Patsy Meiser (trip coordinator, owner of Harmony Travel) that we will not be going on that trip.  I will send out a survey to see if there is interest in another destination, or perhaps just another date to go to Ireland. 
  • SUMMER SCHEDULE - We will discuss this together in February during our weekend with Tori Postma (Feb 9-10).  I'll send a separate email out to share some ideas and options before then.
  • REHEARSALS - Starting after our weekend with Tori Postma, we will rehearse from 6:30-9:30 each week.  
  • I'm scheduling time with each section in the coming weeks on a Tuesday night at 5:30, as follows: 
    • January 15 - Baritones
    • January 22 - Tenors
    • January 29 - Leads
    • February 5 - Basses 
  • Smart phone app:  Go to the PlayStore and install the FREE PanoTuner app.  Then use it (very easy) to work on singing intervals in tune.  This is an incredibly good personal tool.
  • Smart phone app:  install a FREE Metronome app (there are several to choose from).  I try to provide you with the BPM for the uptunes, and the more you practice with it, the more adept you'll become at keeping the tempo steady, and how to do quick/energized breaths.
  • Record yourself singing and do a self-evaluations regularly (on all songs) to check your accuracy and skills.  This increases your awareness of trouble spots so you can catch them early in the learning process.  A really good way to test yourself is to wear headphones while listening to another part, while you sing your part with it.  The sooner you start this process, the better!!!
  • Make sure you have the most current version of the sheet music for all the songs, especially the contest songs.  Some of you still had old copies today (2-3 versions ago!).  
  • Be very careful about hitting "REPLY ALL" on emails.  I think the main reason people do that is because you feel that you question or comment may be of interest to everyone, but in order to reduce repetitive emails from 34 members, I suggest that you just ask the originator of the email and she'll share the feedback as needed.  
  • Vocalize a little every day; you'll be amazed at how strong your voice will become, and how much confidence you'll gain!  It will also have a very positive affect on all the singers around you!