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SUMMARY - 1/15/19

posted Jan 16, 2019, 8:40 AM by Kathy Scheel
YAY - Another fun night welcoming guests who we hope will become full time members:
  1. Frances Beranbaum - lead
  2. Pam White - lead
  3. Monica Streight - lead
  4. Bree Thompson - lead
  5. Betty Jo Kraus - baritone
  6. Dagmar Amrien - bass
  7. Barb Usera - bass 
We started the evening with rhythmic warmups led by Amy Amato, then moved right into vocal skill-building exercises.  Be sure to always bring your recorder/smart phone to the risers so you can record all these exercises that you can use throughout the week to continue to build strength, agility, and range in your voice, plus the reminders about vowel matching and other helpful hints on becoming a stronger, more skilled ensemble singer.

Toni Roush presented the Spirited Sister boa to Sara Amato.  Well deserved - Sara always works hard to know her material, is a really sweet woman, and a terrific mom to Amy!

We also passed around the Red Ball of Positive Energy - maybe we'll do a smaller version of this again soon.

  • Sweet Dreams - good work!  Most of you have this memorized - yay!  I presented the visual plan for this song - and it's in the Sweet Dreams music folder on our website.  Just 5 of you need to learn it at this time (Elaine, Karlene, Denise, Janice, Amy).  The plan is for total lights out and wearing lighted gloves.
  • Happy Together - another song that's coming along really nicely!  We'll go thru the visual plan on this next week.  It's easy and mainly just staging the parts on the risers so it's more visually interesting for the audience.
  • Sister Act -  Listen to the Speed of Sound quartet and analyze what makes this song so compelling and excellent from a technical perspective.  After you've listened to it with a keen ear, sing along with it and analyze where you may be doing something different, and try to imitate every little nuance of the quartet.  Especially the forward motion - a feeling of eagerly wanting to convey the message of the next phrase, the emotion of the lyrics!  The song isn't fast but it's gotta be filled with a ton of energy!
  • Peace on Earth - We worked a bit on the tag, especially addressing the problem spots for the baritones, and they nailed it (baris look it over and be really spot-on next week, okay?).  Again, this song is slow but it's got to be sung with a huge amount of passion and meaning behind the lyrics - way beyond merely just notes and words.
SECTIONALS were held for 30 minutes in which we worked on:
  • And So it Goes - This has a really cool contemporary vibe to it, with the melody in the tenor part, so we've added a few more ladies singing tenor.  Please take some time to listen to the interpretation and internalize it so we're all really in sync.  
  • After I'm Gone - This is a fast-moving song with lots of quick little notes (and words) so it's important that you check your accuracy by going slow, recording yourself, then speeding up gradually while maintaining that accuracy.  Now is the time for you to be at 100% accuracy so do your self-evaluations to be sure you're there.  
  • All the Things You Are - This gorgeous song has so many ebbs and flows, so it's important to get off the sheet music so you can watch the director (moi) and really feel the musical flow.  Watch the slight change on page 2 (remove "oh" and new breathing pattern).
TOGETHER on the risers we worked a bit on the above songs.  They are really coming along and your personal attention is sure showing!  Thanks so much for giving your very best!

Everyone had a chance to visit with the guests and Chorus Sisters answered questions.  The guests are receiving handouts each week that tell them the basics of who we are, what we do, and what to expect as they consider joining OSC.  As a current or future Chorus Sister, it's your opportunity to help them along the way, so please be sure to read the guest handouts located on this website under Resources / Prospective Members.  We have made recent updates to a lot of the information and you'll want to be well-informed to help our guests.  Then you can check off the steps on the New Member Checklist located on the check-in desk that Lynne Rice monitors each week.

Singing HOW WE SANG TODAY is such a familiar song that we sing at the end of rehearsals, but take a moment to read the lyrics and feel what those words mean:  Tomorrow's another day.  I hope and pray we'll be together.  Tomorrow, this today will be a yesterday that's gone forever!  So take my hand, my friend, I want to say I'm glad we laughed and loved and sang together today.  So take my hand; I want to say - I'm glad we laughed. I'm glad we loved.  I'm glad we sang - oh, how we sang today!!!

Thank you for another wonderful evening of music, friendship, fun, and togetherness!