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posted Oct 29, 2014, 10:08 AM by Kathy Scheel

Hello, everyone!    I’ve been searching for a showmanship coach and have confirmed the date of Saturday, March 7th, with Sue Beck.     Sue is a long-time friend (we even chatted about putting a quartet together a few times) and lives in the Seattle area.  She is a Showmanship Judge and very creative – and is thrilled at the prospect of working with OSC.  I described our cat package to her and she just loves it – we’re going to do a Skype call after Baltimore and do some brainstorming – from a judge’s perspective!  YAY!   She’s definitely going to be a good “fit” for OSC and I’m so happy that she had an opening in March (she had another group that cancelled – yay).    Sue recently was on the faculty at Harmony College Northwest – here is her bio from that event: 

Sue Beck

Music has been part of Sue Beck's life since before birth...she grew up listening to classical music and singing a cappella. Then in 1972 a friend convinced her to go to a membership night with the local chorus and she was so taken aback by what she heard and saw, she never quit going. Since then, she has sung with Lakeside Chorus, and founded Pacific Sound and Voices Northwest, where she was its first director. Sue has sung in three regional championship quartets: Seattle Times, Legacy, and SoundDesign. She has served at all levels of SAI administration/ management and is currently a Certified Showmanship judge for the organization. Sue coaches and teaches around the world and is delighted to be here at Harmony College Northwest!    

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Saturday, March 7th.  It’ll be a very important day for all of us!


Whether you’re going to Las Vegas or not, we’ll ALL still be performing the cat package for local audiences – on our June 27th show – on the August 15th show in Newport – and beyond.







Kathy Scheel,
Oct 29, 2014, 10:08 AM