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posted Mar 20, 2014, 8:36 AM by Kathy Scheel
I'm sure getting excited about this coming Saturday - when we get to show Salem just how great barbershop harmony can be!    
You are ready - you know the songs, the visual plan and staging, what needs to be done before the people come in the door, how to treat our quartets, and you know that you sing in the best chorus of our size in the state of Oregon. 
Be proud, be confident, be fabulous - you've worked hard towards this time together on stage and you will each shine your own special light onto the entire ensemble and spread it into the audience.   They'll see it, hear it, and feel it in their hearts.  
Just reach out and dare to grab them with your passion in every song.
Also please remember that the purpose of the day is singing - so plan time to reduce stress and get yourself focused on the music, your beautiful voice, and the gift you will be giving to the audience, your chorus sisters, and yourself.   It's very special so don't take it for granted.   Give it 110% - and you'll reap the wonderful rewards.
I am incredibly proud to be your director.   Now let's go break a lip !!
Love - Kathy