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posted Dec 12, 2017, 10:22 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Dec 13, 2017, 11:54 AM ]

Boy, do I have a wonderful proposal for you!   We’ve got the world-famous Sandy Marron coming to coach us on February 17-18.   But wait...there's more!!  

Sandy directs the Lions Gate Chorus, the current 2nd Place International Medalists, and she says that a HUGE part of their success has been her husband, Tim Marron, doing PVIs (Personal Vocal Instruction) with each member of her chorus.  The individual work has not only strengthened each singer’s skills, it has also increased their confidence tremendously!  Tim is an incredible coach (I saw him working with a chorus in Las Vegas) and they often travel together to work with choruses all over the world.  Sandy coaches the chorus while Tim gives PVIs (the members step off the risers at the appointed time so there's no disruption to the coaching session).

This dynamic duo has worked with these choruses: 

  • City of Lakes (Region 6) – Top 10 every since they compete; returning there in January.
  • Song of Atlanta (Region 14) – Top 10 every year they compete; returning there in January.
  • Rhythm of the Rockies (Region 26) – 17th Place International; just returned from a weekend with them recently
  • Forth Valley (Region 31) – 11th Place International
  • Heartbeat (Region 31) – 18th Place International
  • No Borders Show Chorus (Region 31) – 2nd Place Regional, scored 637 and Most improved by 46 points increase
  • City of Gardens (Region 26) – Most Improved Chorus by 86 points
  • High Country (Region 8) – Competed in Vegas; returning in March

Many of you took advantage of the vocal coaching sessions with me in Salem recently; a private one-on-one session with Tim Marron would be a wonderful way to continue your personal self-growth as a musician.  For OSC, Tim would use his airfare miles for travel, so the only cost would be his fee from each member who gets a PVI.  A 30-minute session is just $35 (or if there is lots of demand, he can do $25 for a 20-minute session).  

I fully support this exciting proposal and would love to see every member take this opportunity to learn from the best.  This could be the personal growth that will result in a huge step towards OSC returning to B+ quality!  

IMMEDIATE ACTION Let me and Eileen Kemp know if you will have a PVI.