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posted Jun 27, 2011, 5:52 PM by Kathy Scheel
REACH  =  Regional Education in A'Cappella Harmony.  That's what this organization is all about: EDUCATION in singing, performing, barbershop art form, entertainment!   This event only happens every 3 years in our region, and OSC is so honored to be able to host it, sharing our spirit and enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.  I have attended nearly every educational event since January 1971, and I still look forward to learning something new every time.  It's this kind of high level education that has taught me how to be a director, a choreographer, a quartet singer, and so much more!  It's wonderful that it's only a 30-minute drive from Salem!  
Here's what's scaring me.... only 22 of you have registered to attend so far.....3 basses, 5 baritones, 5 leads, but all 6 tenors.   Here are some important reasons that you should attend this exciting event: 
  • One of the chorus goals we set in March is to seek continuing education.   REACH has two Certified Judges as faculty!!  You will learn lots of skills that will help OSC reach our combined and individual musical dreams!
  • We discussed REACH as a chorus last year and voted to host the event - we must wholeheartedly follow thru on this commitment.
  • As host chorus, we will need everyone's help with registration desk, boutique, etc.
  • As the demo chorus, we will be used to teach a class for the attendees  - it's like a free coaching session with two judges!!! 
  • We MUST have a good balance and representation of our sound.   If you can't attend the full event, sing with us in the demo chorus, at least. 
If you have not responded to Linda Huston's email about REACH last week, please do so immediately.  Get registered, make hotel reservations before there are no rooms left, decide on roommates, discuss carpooling -- and all that other fun stuff.  If you have concerns about the registration fee, you may want to tap into our Angel Fund.  The policy and application form is attached if you'd like to review this.  It's a great resource for our members.  The policy currently states "competition expenses" but it has been used for other chorus expenses (excluding dues) so the management team is editing the policy. 
This is the most amazing group of women I've ever been associated with and I know you'll come through again.  It's a great event and you will be filled to the brim with new and useful skills to apply to making Oregon Spirit Chorus the very best in the region!
Love to all - Kathy
Kathy Scheel,
Jun 27, 2011, 6:20 PM