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Random thoughts....

posted Apr 1, 2011, 10:11 PM by Kathy Scheel
Wow - just 9 rehearsals left before we leave for Spokane!  Pretty exciting, huh?  This is one of my favorites times of year - when we are all focused on the goal of singing and performing at our best, in front of the people who loves us the most - at our Families & Friends Show,and then again at the Annual Regional Competition.   My expectations for rehearsals rises ... better attendance, more individual work, mini-sectionals at homes of members, recording yourselves to assess your progress and continue your personal vocal program and build confidence!  It's all just so doggone exciting! 

Melanie Wroe will be coaching us on April 14th, and she'll be very impressed with the progress we've made since she heard us last.  She'll also give us some final touches to add to our visual plan, enhancing the characterization and the whole package so it really grabs the audience in every way!!  You will love working with her, I'm sure!   The front row is also getting a special 45-minute session with her that evening.  I have asked them to come at 6:00 to work; and I'm asking the rest of you to stay until 10:00 so we can get as much of Melanie's expertise as possible.  So get lots of rest on Wednesday, April 13th, so you're ready to work hard on that Thursday!

Last Thursday we did the "grand march" and I must say that I was a bit surprised at what I heard from most of you ....I had thought you would each be much stronger and more accurate.   We will do more of the small group break-outs in the coming week, to help you gain the confidence you need to perform at your best.  You must first BELIEVE that you are a good singer - and you ARE!  So just sing OUT LOUD and perform with all the joy you can muster!  Let your heart take over - don't over-think it - just GO FOR IT!    Watch the videos and see how YOU can make the chorus a better and stronger performing ensemble.  You are an important piece of the whole puzzle, but we want each piece to shine!  That takes work but, ohhhh,, the rewards are so wonderful !!