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Quality Control for Excellence

posted Jun 30, 2014, 9:11 PM by Kathy Scheel
One of the elements of excellent ensemble singing is that all singers must be singing the right notes and words.  OSC's method of quality control is to have each singer record yourself and do a self-evaluation.   Then everyone sings for the "checkers", one row at a time, and receives immediate feedback with handwritten comments on your sheet music.  

I assume everyone has already done your self-evaluations of "After You've Gone", since we were scheduled to do the group evaluations on Thursday, June 26th.  However, with all the activities of June, that had to be postponed.  So we'll do the evaluations for that song on Tuesday, July 15th.  That gives you lots of extra time to work on it so you'll do an awesome job.   The goal is 100% accuracy on notes and words. You all know how difficult it is to unlearn wrong notes, so it's really important to make sure you've got them correct now.   We'll check other things like dynamics, interpretation, breath plan, etc. later.  We'll be evaluating all the songs in our repertoire going forward.  I'm hearing a few incorrect notes sneak into each of our songs and we want to ensure high quality singing on everything.

Your individual work at home allows the section leaders to move away from teaching you notes, to having the section rehearsals focused on unity - sound, resonance, vowels, dynamic plan, etc.  They will listen for unity of notes, too, of course - and will stop and bring those things to your attention.  So bring your recorders to the risers every week and update your personal learning tools.  The songs evolve each week - nuances are added - interpretation is enhanced - dynamics are clarified - new breath patterns emerge.  By recording each week, you'll have the latest version of the song (the original learning tracks are obsolete very quickly).   And you'll also hear how your own voice gets more beautiful as you gain confidence in each song and add that special warmth and sound that is so unique to each of you.

Please remember to help all of our prospective members get caught up.  Even if they're not your riser buddy, you can answer questions and make them feel more like a part of the group. They are so eager to learn and be a part of this fabulous chorus!   

Thank you for your dedication to excellence!!

Love - Kathy