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PLAN (6/26)

posted Jun 24, 2018, 2:36 PM by Kathy Scheel

Can you believe it's already the end of June?  As we approach July, we'll have a very different schedule, so be sure to mark your calendars accordingly, and let any of your potential guests know, too.

This week, I'd like to review all of the songs in the performance package, so please rehearse with attention to reinforcing all your new skills so they become habitual.   Your dedication to doing homework is essential to making continual improvements on our songs, especially as we approach the coming two months with our new "summer schedule".  Here are few notes about each one: 
  • Happy Together - tempo, smooth phrase delivery, choreography with joy written all over your face
  • All the Things You Are - stay in key, clean intervals, relaxed/warm breaths, loving/happy passion (no "thinking faces" allowed)
  • Can't Buy Me Love - note accuracy, especially on interlude and key change, smooth phrase delivery, choreography
  • Sweet Dreams - choreography, unity, dynamics
  • And So it Goes - relaxed story-telling with facial expressions, clean intervals
  • Peace on Earth - dynamic contrast
  • Who's Sorry Now - unity, characterization/showmanship, dynamics, phrase endings lifted
  • All the Way - stay in key/tonal center, clean intervals, happy facial expression (you're in love!)
  • Somebody to Love - unity in your section and unity with the whole chorus (otherwise it can sound like a train wreck - ha!).  
  • Star-Spangled Banner - know where the melody is (it moves from lead > bass > tenor, etc.)
Thanks to the ladies who helped with the learning tracks for Consider Yourself (Judy Gobat, Cat West, Marian Martin, and Eileen Kemp).  Members, be sure you're all off the sheet music on this song by doing your own self-evaluation, then you can get a good recording of yourself singing it on Tuesday and listen to see how you're doing.  If you're a tenor-baritone-bass part, sing along with the lead track and test how you do in holding your part; if you're a Lead, sing along with all of the harmony parts to see how you do in holding your part.   We'll sing this when we welcome in new members so let's honor them with great singing!

  • Water bottle and a large straw (I have regular sized ones, but big ones work better for this exercise)
  • Personal recorders/smart phones (always bring to risers and record the entire rehearsal - and listen back during the week)
  • Name badges (every week - especially helpful for guests)
  • 3rd Place Ribbons (wear it proudly; we worked hard for that jewelry)
  • A helpful, proactive approach to making guests feel welcome; be a great riser buddy

  • Do you know the "We Are United" tag?  
  • Have you done your Stemple exercises every day (2X daily)?
  • How are you doing on the new songs - Sister Act, Fun in One Lifetime, and Forgotten Dreams/Long Ago & Far Away?  The goal is to know them before July 17th!  Rehearsals are not for teaching the notes (that's what you do at home); rehearsal is for working on vocal skills, unity, tuning with other parts, etc.  Let your section leader know if you need help; schedule a special mini-session at your house, have fun learning these beautiful songs!
  • Did you get registered for Oregon Days (so the planners will know how many are coming to classes)?
  • Did you download the workshop song (My Romance) and burn a CD to help learn it?


Love, Kathy