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PLAN - Tuesday, Feb 3

posted Jan 29, 2015, 5:15 PM by Kathy Scheel
What happened to January?!   It zoomed by - and I have a feeling the rest of this very special and unique year in Oregon Spirit Chorus will be like that!  I'm having a blast watching the performance package come together, and it looks like you're all having fun, too - FABULOUS!    Here is the plan for Tuesday night.   Be sure to warm up your voice on the way to chorus - do some bubbling, sirens, gently massaging those vocal cords and preparing your instrument - and getting geared-up mentally, too!
6:30    PVI training session (for Mary Cotton, Lisa Fieber)
6:59    Everyone on risers, ready to dance with Libby
7:00    Libby leads rhythmic warmups  (if you want to do them occasionally, let her know and you can rotate)
7:05    Vocal unity exercises (vowels, dynamics, etc.)
7:15    Duets on the risers
                If You Love Me, Really Love Me
                Stray Cat Strut 
8:30    Octet
8:45    Know the Plan - sing without a Director:
                How Deep is the Ocean
                Happy Together
                And so it Goes
9:00    "Message to Members"
9:15    Announcements
                -  Coaching with Shirley Kout - Sunday, Feb 8th, 9:00-4:00. 
Love - Kathy / Thelma