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PLAN - June 11

posted Jun 5, 2019, 9:01 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jun 5, 2019, 9:07 AM ]

We're going to have a busy evening and I can't wait to see/hear you!   


·        I've heard that there are new guests planning to visit - that's awesome!  Keep 'em coming!  Actively go out and share the excitement and joy you feel about OSC and we'll meet our goal of 50 members!  Send me the names of your guests ahead of time so I can greet them personally when they arrive (you know how much that means when someone knows your name).  

·       If you are assigned as a Chorus Sister, take time to go through the contents of her guest folder with your new friend.  Introduce her to others, invite her to the afterglow, and help her feel a part of the group.

·        Guide her through the music on the risers as well as during sectionals.


·        You'll focus on "Change the World" to be sure you've worked out the problem areas

·        Go through other songs to make sure the singers are applying good vocal skills for total unity like:

o   breathing in the pre-yawn space, 
o   vowel matching
o   vocal placement
o   tempo
o   rhythm

RTE (Road to Excellence) 

·        As described in last week's Kathy's Korner article, you have already completed your self-evaluations on "Change the World" and are now ready to sing it for review.  Bring your copy of the sheet music and a colored pencil for your reviewer to use. She'll mark it up and give you some helpful feedback.

·        While we are doing the RTE, guests will meet with one of our members so they can ask questions (and not feel left out of the action happening on the risers).


·        We will review the following songs:

o   After I'm Gone
o   Sing and Celebrate
o   Star-Spangled Banner
o   I'll Be Seeing You

·        The new Song Priorities List is attached to this post and also is in the Music Library. I've moved up "Whether Good, Whether Bad" as you should be working on it now.



·        Register for Summer AIM - July 20-21.  You received an email with the link but you an just go to the Region 12 website and click on Events and you'll see it all there.  Go to: www.sairegion12.org 

·        Think about going to Fall AIM in August 16-18 because Oregon Spirit will be invited to perform on the Pep Rally which is a really thrilling experience - even better than contest because it's not being judged!  I'll take a show of hands soon so look at your calendar and see if we might be able to do accept this invitation (if we can truly represent OSC with a balanced group).  

·        Respond to the Doodle poll for coaching octets.  I've heard from 15 of you so far - but I need to hear from everyone before I can put the groups together.  Also, I would like to hold these sessions in the general Salem area, if possible, but I don't yet have a home for July 24 or July 25.  Go to:  https://doodle.com/poll/v4xssvxnww4rzz4t

·        Read the Chorus/Director Agreement that Denise Taylor sent out recently so you'll know what you are agreeing to when you sign it. 

·        Read your chorus emails at least every 2 days in order to keep current on plans and activities.  And respond to emails as requested right away; if you think you'll "do it later", it often gets forgotten (and avoid using "reply all" ).

·        If you are going to miss a rehearsal, let your section leader and me know well ahead of time.  We all know that summer is when we take vacations but if there's any way you can plan yours between Tuesdays, it would sure be helpful so we can keep the music moving forward and not lose all the skills we learned as we prepared for contest.  

·        Be sure your information (profile) is correct on the Region 12 website.  If not, it means it is not correct on the Sweet Adelines International database.  

·        Give a big hug to each member of the newly installed Chorus Management Team:

1.      Team Leader - Denise Taylor
2.      Finance Coordinator - Cindy Meyers
3.      Marketing Coordinator - Diane Watson
4.      Membership Coordinator - Lynne Rice
5.      Communications Coordinator - Janet Owen
6.      Ways & Means Coordinator - Linda O'Donnell
7.      Events Coordinator - Pam White
8.      Director - Kathy Scheel


Kathy Scheel,
Jun 5, 2019, 9:01 AM