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NOV 27 - WOW!

posted Nov 28, 2018, 9:43 AM by Kathy Scheel
We have been rehearsing every week since early October and now you are ready to go out and show your families and friends and the whole community just what you've been up to!  You can go out and strut your stuff and sing your heart out with total confidence!  Each of you should be very proud of the work you've done (and the homework you will continue to do this week) to prepare for our show and all the coming performances!  Last night's rehearsal was really great - I bet you could feel/hear the excitement in the air, too!  You were more focused, more confident, more energized, more accurate, more unified, more fabulous!  It was awesome!

Next Tuesday, we'll be at the Chemeketa Auditorium at 5:00 and you should warm up your voice on the way - sirens are a great way to warm up your vocal chords, touching your entire vocal range.  Get really vocally ready before arrival because we will not have time to do that at the college.  As you prepare yourself, think about the technical side of your performance - the pitches for each song, the tuning and accuracy of each note, the unity of breathing so we start/stop each phrase together, and all the things that so many of you worked on in our vocal coaching sessions.  As you get closer to the venue, get mentally ready, too.  Think about each song's message and the emotions you want  to share with the audience. Every song has a special "feeling" in the way we deliver it.  Then, as you're performing, you can just look at me for guidance on facial expressions to convey those feelings.  When I'm standing between you and the audience, I am part of YOU, the performing group, and I am in total performance mode.  I love being on stage!

We will be wearing "heavy street makeup" (see the description on Performance Central) so try to apply your makeup and do your hair before arrival.  (I'm going to be wearing false eyelashes; they're not required, but I do recommend them for a really glamorous look on stage.)  I know that getting makeup on may be challenging for some of you who are coming directly from work, but hopefully you can figure out a way to do that; however, there will be some time available for touch-ups before we perform so don't fret.  The complete schedule for show day is under Performance Central which includes people doing decorations, setting up lobby etc, but here's the plan for EVERY SINGER:

5:00-5:10    OSC arrive - in costumes, makeup/hair done, drop off your purse in our room and go directly to stage
5:10-5:30    OSC run thru cues and as much of the first set as possible
5:30-6:30    Sound checks for other groups; OSC will go thru the rest of our songs in our dressing room
6:30-6:50    Doors open to public, final touch-ups on hair/makeup
6:50-7:00    Assemble backstage, get on risers, focus, take a pitch
7:00-9:00    SHOW TIME!  

I want you to savor every moment of performing with OSC.  This is a GIFT you are giving to the audience, sharing your beautiful voice with people who are eager to hear our harmonies.  Let's show them the joy that's in our hearts when we sing together.  You are a vital part of our sound and presentation and I am truly grateful that you are singing with this wonderful Christmas Chorus this season!  (Of course, I'd love it if all of you decide to stay and become permanent members of the OSC family!)

Have fun rehearsing this week - check yourself out in the mirror, smile and say: