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NEXT WEEK - 4/28

posted Apr 24, 2015, 11:09 AM by Kathy Scheel

Here are the things I plan to accomplish at next week’s rehearsal:


·        Duetto - Keep the momentum going on the new visual plan (YOU: study the chord change on top of pg 2 before then)

·        I Will Survive – Solidify the visual focus on the new ending – it switches from me to the kitties (YOU: study the lyrics before then)

·        We’ll go thru the whole package – including script.  MC: Will work with you on presentation, mic work, inflection, etc.

·        Props – Bring whatever props you have every week so we can see them on the video and finalize their placement, who is in charge of each one, etc.

·        May 17th package – slightly adjusted so we’ll go thru the songs and the flow – as follows

o   Happy Together

o   And So it Goes

o   Changes Medley (with choreo – please study video before Tuesday)

§  Ladies Night Out Quartet (3 songs)

§  Sing-Along and Doggie Tag

§  Happy Birthday to someone

o   How Deep is the Ocean

o   Can’t Buy Me Love (with choreo – please study video before Tuesday)

o   Stray Cat Strut

o   If You Love Me

o   Duetto

o   I Will Survive

o   The Parting Glass


ALL COSTUMES are to be completed by end of April – that’s next week.   I think we’re pretty close!

ALL WIGS should be done within the next 1-2 weeks.  Then we’ll bring them ALL and see which ones will need to be trimmed or modified in some way.  Lots of gray ones, need more orange & brown; need to see faces better; some clipped ears, etc.


Each and every week, I see this amazingly entertaining package get better & better & better.  Here’s a really easy way for YOU to enhance the package:   
  • Sing the ballad on LOH-LOH-LOH, maintaining the space that you establish on the OH vowel.   Sing one phrase at a time on the LOH-LOH, then sing it again with the words, keeping that space.  If you were not successful, do it again until it’s fabulous.  Record yourself and hear the awesomeness.    It’s especially important to keep the tall space on EE vowels (if you love ME, really love ME…), so focus on those.
  • Another way to make the whole chorus better is to be sure you’re singing the correct notes & words.  You’re each working with your section leaders to achieve 100% accuracy on the Harmony Classic songs – and that needs to be complete SOON!   Keep working towards it and you’ll do it – for sure!   Then check the other songs in our repertoire so we have perfection at our performances, at our June show, the August show, and always!  That’s what makes OSC so special – our respect for the music and attention to detail.


THANKS TO EVERYONE – have a great weekend!


Love – Kathy