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New recordings

posted Apr 16, 2011, 3:03 PM by Kathy Scheel
I've loaded two new recordings into our Music Library (here on the website) so please download them onto your own computer so you can  burn your own CD and have that to practice with over the next 4 weeks.  One is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".  The other is the full contest package.  That will really be helpful to you in rehearsing the timing and choreography and visualizing a perfect performance.  Close your eyes and visualize yourself performing with absolute abandon and perfection - several times a week - and you'll be much more likely to achieve that vision.

 It's VERY thrilling to hear and see you stepping up to a higher level every single week - and I love the ownership that you are each taking to make each song - each performance - come alive with characterization, natural body moves, great vocal strength and control, and all the technical things that are happening to make all that magic appear so easy! 

We have just 5 rehearsals between now and contest and I want you to be at EVERY ONE OF THEM.  Whatever it takes to make that happen, I trust that you will do it, understanding that if we truly want to help our team achieve a B+ level, we need all voices and bodies and spirits there on the risers each week.  Work between rehearsals to make yourself better each time - make the choices that will help you achieve the most every time! 

Get together with other members of your section for a special rehearsal - don't wait for the section leaders to ask you.  Just do it.