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My Mission .....

posted Jun 20, 2014, 1:42 PM by Kathy Scheel
When Raymond Schwartzkopf asked me to finish the sentence, "I want the ladies who show up each week to experience.....", I wasn't aware that it would become my personal mission statement.  He asked me to do it in one sentence, use as many commas as needed, not over-think it, and just let it fly.  So this is what immediately came from my heart:
I WANT THE LADIES WHO SHOW UP EACH WEEK TO EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF.... Ringing chords, laughter, feeling like the drive was worth it, feeling like they learned something new or understood something better, and having a wonderful "buzz" when they walk out the door at the end of the night!"
I want you to know this is going to be my constant goal every week.   I want these things for you - and achieving them will be a personal reward for me that I believe will have a positive impact on each of you, too.  
I could hear your hearts speaking to last night as you shared the reasons that you enjoy being a member of Oregon Spirit Chorus.    YOUR WORDS included: 
        • Fun
        • I like myself better
        • Joy
        • High energy
        • Hard work with results
        • Creativity
        • Camraderie
        • Competitiveness
        • Challenging myself
        • Music selection / repertoire
        • Taking risks
        • Self-growth is rewarding
        • Quality singing
        • Sisterhood
        • Laughter
        • Skill-building
        • and more that I didn't get to write down during dinner
As these beautiful words were expressed, many heads were nodding in agreement and we suddenly discovered that this could be a wonderful Mission Statement!   We are all in this for very similar reasons  but we each have our own focus, things that are important to "ME" and that's what makes our community stronger).   We embrace and love the vibrancy and energy and passion that is Oregon Spirit!  
Raymond asked each of you to do some homework last night --- finish the sentence, "I want the ladies who show up each week to experience.....".   Just one sentence, use as many commas or semicolons as needed, speak from the gut, don't over-think it, and bring it to chorus next week. Here's what he asked me to do with mine..... Read it over & over & over & over - especially for the next 48 hours.  Then again every time I am about to communicate with someone at chorus.  Then again as I'm preparing to get up in front and lead the chorus thru rehearsals or performances.  Keep it in your purse and revisit it frequently through the week.  Let it become a mantra in my life (and yours).   Try this - and let's find out what happens :)
I am making a promise to you that I will do my very best to create an environment where you are inspired to create your own joy.  I accept personal responsibility for my own actions and I sincerely apologize for any hurt or anger I unintentionally caused you.  I will bring my highest level of directing to chorus each week (please remember that I'm human), with a higher awareness of the words I select and the body language that I exhibit so that you always know how much I respect and appreciate you for everything you bring to the chorus - your voice, your energy, your shining eyes, your positive attittude, and all the best that you are.  I believe in you and I am learning to believe in myself.  I truly (honestly!) look forward to being able to "let go" of some things so I can focus on the music, which is what brings us all together each week!  Choosing personal responsibility (CPR) , is a really powerful change for each of us and I know that we will all feel the positive results.  THAT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!
I see a brighter and richer future for OSC.   There is no limit to what we can achieve together when we all approach it from a position of LOVE.

 Love - Kathy