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Music Team Highlights

posted Aug 15, 2017, 3:37 PM by Kathy Scheel
The Music Team met on August 13th; here are the highlights of our meeting:
  • We're all very happy to be seeing so many talented singers visiting and joining the chorus!
  • Some of the new people are planning to perform on the show, so Kathy has asked them to focus on the first set (4 songs).
  • Section Leaders are asked to communicate with their respective sections.
  • Encourage everyone to attend all remaining rehearsals - even if you're not vocally 100%, you can still observe, record, video, learn and stay current.
  • The chorus is asked to perform on the afterglow following the show.  This is a barbershop tradition and we will sing some of the songs from the show as well as The Parting Glass.  So everyone is asked to review it before then and we'll run thru it at the end of weekly rehearsals.
  • Everyone is expected to continue their self-evaluations until all the songs are at 100% accuracy.  That is an ongoing expectation for all songs in our repertoire.  If you are recording yourself at rehearsals, be sure to analyze it as soon as possible so you aren't reinforcing incorrect notes.
  • Section Leaders Training - October 28th - Vancouver - by Nancy Kurth and Kathy Scheel
  • Section Leaders are asked to take a very proactive role in membership orientation - helping new people get acquainted with all the things we do (music changes, costumes, makeup, performances, etc.).
  • Discussed copyright issues and the expense of purchasing new music.  It was recommended by SAI that choruses look at music that is already owned by the chorus and see if some songs can be brought back into the active repertoire.  We will be doing this and will ask the members what songs they'd like to start with (to be provided).
  • Christmas Chorus will start October 24th; OSC will go thru the songs on Oct 17.  We may add 1-2 simple songs to the holiday set.
    • Little BankAmericard
    • Happy Holiday
  • Christmas Chorus schedule was sent to all members/guests following the meeting.
  • Mid-Range Planning survey will be sent out following the show and we'll have a chorus meeting to discuss the results on Oct 17.
  • Will be taking 3 weeks off after the show - everyone needs a break - but we need to find a way to maintain musical standards (don't go 3 weeks without singing the songs at your highest level).
  • Will take 2 weeks off after the Holiday Harmony show.
  • Talked about the coaching plans for 2018.  Dates are on the chorus calendar.
  • Will once again see if Ryan Heller is available on Thursdays - and we will have PVIs or tag singing on the Tuesdays of those weeks.  Kathy will also see if it's possible for him to come on a Tuesday.
  • Sing Your Part Smart is open to all singers from all choruses - Vancouver, January 27. Presented by Northwest Harmony Chorus and Primetime quartet.
  • Talked about some ideas for next summer.  Maybe change the focus:
    • Schedule one part to be there for skill-building
    • Learn a new song
    • Revitalize old songs
    • Membership drive - Singin' in the Summer
    • We all agreed that September is not a good time to schedule a big show!
    • Kathy shared her visions for the chorus.
    • Will introduce a new member welcome song in January:  Consider Yourself.  Kathy will prepare learning track in the coming months.