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Music, Music, Music !

posted May 5, 2012, 7:53 PM by Kathy Scheel
I love getting new music!!!  The process of selecting new songs is pretty time-consuming and I thought I'd share with you a few of the things I consider when selecting music for OSC.  First, I ask a lot of people about songs that they think OSC would do well - like Dede Nibler, Melanie Wroe, Marge Bailey, Melanie Wroe, and others.  Then I spend many weeks studying several different websites, reviewing songs, sheet music, recordings, learning tracks, and anything else that's available.  For contest material, I check and see if other choruses scored well with songs - or whether they had lower Music scores but higher scores in Expression, Sound, and Showmanship.  For uptunes, I like songs with a backbeat feel and lots of rhythmic interest - and I think our chorus does those type of songs really well.  For ballads, I like a positive, uplifting message - but there may be times when the chords override the lyrics.  Up until now, I've managed to find really beautiful ballads that speak of love (not love lost).  I also need to absolutely LOVE the song because I'm going to live with it for at least a couple of years - intimately.  I go to bed singing it in my head; I get up in the middle of the night singing it; I think about it all the time.  It's almost like an obsession!   When it's time to teach it to the chorus, I can tell withiin a couple of weeks whether it's going to be a good "fit" because if the chorus loves a song, they pick it up and learn it very quickly.  If it takes longer than normal, it may be necessary to put it away (like we did with "I've Been Waiting for Your Phone Call for 18 Years").  For non-contest songs, I believe that OSC enjoys singing "spirited" songs, unique arrangements, things that audiences don't always hear, chords that are unexpected and beautiful.  We've got a great repertoire (many people have commented to me how they LOVE the songs we sing), and I am so happy that I've been able to select songs successfully for you.
I hope that TIME AFTER TIME and AFTER YOU'VE GONE are going to be wonderful songs for OSC.  After contest is over, we'll change the words for the uptune so that it'll make sense to regular audiences (or maybe we'll change it to reflect our first time in Region 12...hmmmm). 
I've got quite a list of songs that I'd love to sing or direct someday - and am happy to hear your ideas, so let me know if you have titles that you'd like to add to the list!  Better yet, if you have an arrangement you'd like me to look at, show it to me and I'll consider it.  (Of course, there's always the wonderful option of forming a quartet or octet to sing whatever songs you like!)
Remember when you are learning new music to always use your most beautiful voice.  Doing anything less just trains you to do the wrong things.  Have fun and keep on enjoying the beautiful music you make!