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posted Oct 28, 2015, 6:09 PM by Kathy Scheel

Hello -  Thanks so much for the great feedback on the options we have for contest season 2016.   By a pretty overwhelming majority, here is the direction we’re taking: 

  • Compete for scores (and medals)
  • Work to achieve 600+ points 
  • Music selection:   
    • Ballad:  All the Way
    • Uptune:  New song (tbd)

I’ll continue to study uptunes and will narrow my list down to the top few this weekend.  (If you have any ideas, or sheet music, send them to me right away.)   My goal is to get you the sheet music asap so you can get started on it during the 3-week holiday break in December.  I hope to also get at least a Lead (melody) learning track done and perhaps a piano track for the other parts.  In January (after I retire), I’ll have lots more time to devote to making learning tracks.  Here are  just a few of the CONTEST UPTUNES I’m considering:

  • Never Say Never Again (but here I am in love again)
  • I’m In With What’s His Name (some light comedy)
  • You Make Me Feel so Young (back-beat with some bass melody and opportunity for some fun staging/dance)
  • Flirty Eyes (I’ve got those flirty eyes and, honey, you’d be surprised – these eyes can hypnotize any guy I idolize)
  • Take Another Guess  (flirty/teasing…”so you think I’ll die of loneliness – ah, yes, take another guess)
  • I Didn’t Wanna Fall (I declare it isn’t fair, I didn’t wanna fall. Love & marriage, baby carriage, not for me at all)
  • Nobody Knows What a Red-Head Mamma Can Do (give her a heart made of rock; she’ll break it in two)
  • Night of a Thousand Eyes (altho this was done a LOT in Vegas)

 I’m also looking at some POP SONGS songs:

  • Fields of Gold (Sting)
  • Change the World  (Eric Clapton)
  • Skyfall (Adele)
  • Rollin’ in the Deep  (Adele)
  • Lazy Day (Spanky and Our Gang)

We’ll also be adding some patriotic songs to our repertoire this year, too, as we prepare for our trip to Hawaii in December 2016.  (We’ll probably not start on these until late spring and will plan a couple of weekend rehearsals in the summer). We’ll be doing a 45-minute performance package in Hawaii, so we’ll also do some songs from our regular repertoire.  But here are the PATRIOTIC SONGS I’m planning at this time:

  •  Let Freedom Ring (already in our library)
  •  Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • This is My Country
  • Star Spangled Banner (Jim Clancy arrangement)
  • I’m Proud to be an American

Those of you at rehearsal last night (10/27) seemed really enthusiastic about learning new music, so let's get 'REAL' for a moment.   Each song costs about $75-100, plus ~$1.25 per copy x 40 copies = each song will cost about $150-200.  That means the overall music expenses over the next several months is going to approximately:

  •  $150-$200      1 contest uptune (purchase this month)
  • $300-$400      2 new pop songs (purchase in next 2-3 months)
  • $750-$1000    5 new patriotic songs (purchase later)

Fundraising and sponsorships/donations will help pay for these, and you’ve proven that you’re great at this, so as you continue to have conversations with potential sponsors, mention the need for funds to pay for coaching and new music to represent Oregon at the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor!  It’s a good marketing angle. [Note:  We need a Ways & Means Coordinator.  Please volunteer to help for the remainder of the fiscal year.]

We're planning a goal-setting session on January 5th, providing an opportunity to look ahead, sharing your ideas and dreams about music, performing, contests, membership, fun, and fundraising projects to support all of them/us!


With love,  Kathy