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posted Feb 24, 2014, 10:30 AM by Kathy Scheel
THERE'S A WHOLE LOTTA DEDICATION GOIN' ON AT OSC!   Here are just a few samples from this past weekend (February 22-23):

Costume Team - Toni invited everyone to come to Karlene's house to help with the various steps and components in putting together our lovely new costume.  I saw a few photos (on facebook) and it looked like people were there (Toni, Karlene, Janice, Chas, Diana, and Karlene's mom) cutting and clipping and making great progress.   The intent is to finish the new costumes a week before our show so we can rehearse in them before the big day.   There is a lot remaining to be done, and Toni is dedicated to meeting the deadline - but needs your help, so if you see an invitation from her, please respond.
Show Team - Lori invited the Show Committee Chairs to a meeting and all those present (Lori, Elaine, Tammy, Crystal, Diana, LaurieL, JudyG) shared what is being planned and how things are going on each of their areas of responsibility.  Everyone is doing doing a great job and I'm very impressed with the dedication being demonstrated here.   I know that the ad sales and ticket sales will ramp up in the next 1-2 weeks and we'll have a full house for our show (but I urge you to get your ticket money in soon, so the team can stop worrying).   It will be so wonderful to perform for our community (and families and friends).  
Front Row -  All (except 1) of the front row attended a 2-hour session on Saturday, finalizing the visual plan for Changes Medley, visualizing how it will work with the riser plan, then rehearsing it several times with a recording of the chorus.  They also went thru the plan for Let Yourself Go and fixed some problem areas there.   They dedicated their time and it was a very productive day!
I am so impressed with the way so many of you are stepping forward to help in some area of chorus life.  The saying "It takes a village" is so true with any Sweet Adelines chorus, especially when preparing for a show (and contest).  One of the shops in that village, of course, is the Music Store.  So be sure and find time between all of your other activities (chorus, career, family, etc.) to rehearse at your very highest level.  Make that high level your new normal, and never settle for less than your best.  Every time.  It's a pretty powerful feeling to be confident that you are totally prepared to perform a flawless package.  Go for it, ladies.  If you BELIEVE it can be done - it can!    (The opposite is also true...)
Much gratitude for your dedication - Kathy