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posted May 27, 2017, 9:17 AM by Kathy Scheel
What a wonderful turnout for our recent Girls' Night Out! Thank you all for continuing to spread the word about our awesome chorus.  It looks like we'll be gaining some new members soon and that's exciting for all of us, but it also means a bit of extra effort to make sure we provide them with all they need.  YOU can make a tremendous difference in the lives of these new women - think of the connections you've formed with each other over the months/years and how much you've grown in so many ways.  We've always said that everyone is a part of the membership team and I need each of you to help the new people get fully integrated into chorus life so they can start reaping all the benefits:

    • Buddies and section leaders volunteer to help them learn the songs (use Priorities list)
    • Go through the Barbershop Terminology together with them (if they are not already familiar)
    • Invite to sectionals outside of rehearsal times 
    • Review videos of chorus performances
    • Talk about this art form - share your knowledge
    • Make sure they know about coaching dates and educational workshops (see dates below)
    • Nourish these new relationships
    • Introduce them to others in the chorus
    • Invite them to First Tuesday Afterglow
    • Invite them to lunch or dinner
    • Find out where they live and see if you can help hook them up with a carpool
    • Find them on Facebook and "friend" them 
    • Send them a friendly email - even something as simple as sharing a recipe is special
    • Be sure they understand where to find information on our website (New Member Resources)
    • Go through it with them (assuming you have reviewed it already)
    • Review the chorus calendar with them so they can plan ahead and try to attend as many functions as possible
    • Talk to them about OSC's culture - notifying of absences, no talking on risers (ha!), promptness, CPR (choosing personal responsibility). reading and responding to emails, 
    • Fundraisers - what, when, and why


 If you need more information on any of these, send me a note:
  • May 30 - Workshop & Show Teams, Taco Tuesday at Elks, 5:30pm
  • June 4 - Costume Team, 1:00pm
  • June 6 - Visual Team, Panda Express, 6:00
  • June 14 - Chorus Management Team Mtg, 5:00pm
  • June 17 - Visual Team, 1:00pm
  • June 20 - Budget/Fundraiser Brainstorming at Chorus
  • July 15 - Tori Postma coaching, Elks, 9:00-5:00pm
  • July 9 - Music Team, 1:00pm
  • July 13- Chorus Management Team Mtg, 5:00pm
  • July 22-23 - Oregon Days Workshop, Cottage Grove, register via Region 12 (www.sairegion12.org)
  • Sept 9-10 - Tori Postma coaching, all day both days
  • Sept 15-16 - AIM, Sacramento
  • Sept 23, A'Cappella Academy and A'Cappella Spirit Show
  • Oct 9-14 -  International Convention/Competition, Las Vegas
  • Oct 17 - Christmas Chorus begins
  • Oct 18 - Section Leader training (potential workshop led by Nancy Kurth and I - more on this later)
  • Oct 31 - Halloween Dress-Up Fun

As we begin this new fiscal year, there are so many things for which to be grateful - and one of the highest on my list is YOUR willingness to help in some way.  There are myriad jobs in a chorus - ranging from 2-year terms to 2-day projects - and we need and appreciate everyone's hands to help the group succeed.  If you have not yet volunteered to help on a committee for the workshop or show or other activities, don't delay - we need YOU.  Even if you don't know how to do something right now, this is the perfect way to learn - in a safe environment of cooperation and love, with a clear path forward.

In harmony,