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posted Nov 18, 2017, 8:38 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Nov 19, 2017, 8:26 AM ]
As we move towards December, I suddenly realize that 2018 is just around the corner - wow!  There are so many exciting things ahead!
  • VALEGRAMS - This is one of the most enjoyable things we do each year:  singing telegrams for Valentine's Day (Valegrams).  Quartets and small groups learn 3 simple songs (found in our Music Library) and travel around the greater Salem area, surprising unsuspecting people at homes, offices, hospitals, dentist offices, used car lots, restaurants, and more!  It all starts in December, when everyone forms your groups and start working on the songs, then in January the marketing and sales get underway, your group performs for the chorus (and I'm offering free coaching to each group), and then you go out on Wednesday, February 14th, and have a blast singing and laughing!  You'll have moments that are hilarious and some that are poignant, but you'll never forgot these experiences!  So plan to take that day off of work, go ahead and put your quartets together, let me know who's in it and your group's name (i.e., LoveBugs, Heart Strings).  The three easy songs are:
    • Let Me Call You Sweetheart
    • I Love You Truly
    • Now I Know Why (I Don't Know Why)
  • SING YOUR PART SMART - One of the benefits of membership in Sweet Adelines is the reduced rate for attending incredible educational workshops.  Every January, the Northwest Harmony Chorus presents "Sing Your Part Smart" in Vancouver, WA, and this year, Prime Time Quartet will be the faculty.  The date is Saturday, January 18 so mark your calendar for this opportunity to work on becoming B+ singers!  I'll be sharing more information as it comes out soon, and you'll want to register early so you can learn the workshop song ("Harmony").  This is not just for quartets; it's for anyone who wants to improve your skills as a barbershop singer!  
  • ADVANCE - We've set the date for our weekend Advance (retreat) - March 10-11 - and Lea Beverley, Expression Judge, will be coaching us!  We'll work all day Saturday, then have a bit of fun with the annual talent show and games on Saturday evening (plus a little time for choreography work), then til noon on Sunday.  We're looking for a venue and  want everyone to stay overnight because a HUGE part of the retreat weekend is the indescribable bonding that happens between us on Saturday night.  (Hint:  The more Valegrams we sell, the more $$ in the treasury so OSC can hopefully subsidize at least a portion of the cost.)
  • OREGON DAYS - OSC is the northernmost member of Region 12, which spans from Salem, OR to San Jose, CA, east to Reno, NV, and west to Honolulu, HI.  Every year, there are music seminars held in Sacramento, making it somewhat difficult (but not impossible) for many OSC members to attend, so the Regional Faculty is making it easier for us to get the education by bringing it closer to home with Oregon Days.  This year, it's scheduled for July 28-29 and will once again be at the lovely Village Green Resort in Cottage Grove, OR.  Mark your calendars now so you don't miss this.  Let's be present and represent OSC with our typical high energy and eagerness to learn!  
  • COACHES- As we start preparing for the Regional Convention & Competition in Reno, NV on May 4-6, I'm thrilled that some very talented people will help us achieve our musical goals of singing/performing at a B+ level.  Be sure you've got these dates set aside to attend these sessions - every voice is important - YOU make a difference in how we sound. Look who's coming to Salem:
    • Tori Postma - Showmanship Judge - January 20-21 She will work on our performance skills and help us understand the importance of being authentic with the characterization and choreography plan while maintaining high quality singing.  Her teaching style is very fun and you'll be amazed at how much you'll learn from her!
    • Sandy Marron - Sound Judge - February 17-18. She will work on our vocal skills, resonance, blend, unity, precision, and all the things that bring us closer to B+ level singing.  She's the director of Lions Gate Chorus, 2nd Place International Medalists, and coaches all over the world, so it's very special that she's bringing her talents to us in Salem!
    • Lea Beverley - Expression Judge - March 10-11. Many of you will remember Lea from last year.  She is so good at bringing out the best in each of us, working on the details that bring forward the beauty in the lyrics, especially target vowels,  and synchronization in all things.  That's how we ring chords!
    • Ryan Heller - Overall Coach - - first Tuesdays in January, February, March, and April.  Ryan is the director of Pride of Portland Chorus and his high-energy approach to teaching vocal skills is fabulous!
  • A'CAPPELLA 101 - We will once again offer FREE voice lessons on Tuesdays, January 9 and 16, from 6:00-7:00 at the Elks Lodge.  We'll have flyers ready in December so be thinking of who you will invite: any female wants to learn singing skills (breathing, resonance, vowels, etc.), and sing with the chorus.  This has been a great membership growth project in the past!  Even if you've invited someone previously but they couldn't make the commitment at that time, it's possible that NOW is the right time for them to let music & singing back into their lives!  Invite them!  

THANK YOU for wanting to become stronger, more confident, fabulous singers and performers!  You light up my life with your energy and eagerness to learn!