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KIT-KAT BAR (Gimme a break - ha!)

posted Aug 11, 2017, 11:06 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Aug 11, 2017, 11:11 AM ]
I am SO PROUD of how hard all of you are working on the show and workshop and I'm really excited to see it all come together, as OSC always makes it happen!  I love being a part of this group of truly amazing women and the love you have for each other makes my heart sing!  But I know that you will need a break after the show and workshop are over!  Be sure to take a few moments to look at the chorus calendar and note the schedule for the next few months.  I hope you'll get your personal calendars out and make sure there are no date conflicts.  YOU are an important part of the overall OSC personality and sound and when you are gone, it's just not the same (I'm sure there's a song about that....). Here is a list view of the dates and plans thru January.  
  • Sep 26 - Dark (no rehearsal); survey to debrief on workshop & show, future plans, etc.  
  • Oct 03 - Dark.  Chorus Management Team (CMT) meeting.
  • Oct 07 - Performance in Silverton (to be confirmed)
  • Oct 10 - Dark, but hope someone will host a webcast party to watch Harmony Classic (let Elaine know).
  • Oct 17 - Rehearsal and meeting to discuss workshop/show, future plans, survey results, review Christmas songs.
  • Oct 24 - Christmas Chorus kickoff.  CC rehearsals will be from 6:30-9:30 (Oct 24 to Dec 12).
  • Oct 31 - Christmas Chorus #2 (and Halloween dress-up)
  • Nov 07 - Christmas Chorus #3
  • Nov 14 - Christmas Chorus #4
  • Nov 21 - Christmas Chorus #5
  • Nov 28 - Christmas Chorus #6
  • Dec 05 - Christmas Chorus #7
  • Dec 12 - HOLIDAY HARMONY SHOW and Christmas party
  • Dec 19 - Dark
  • Dec 26 - Dark
  • Jan 02 - FIRST REHEARSAL OF 2018!
  • Jan 09 - Voice Lessons (Membership Drive), 6:00-7:00; Rehearsal 7:00-9:30
  • Jan 16 - Voice Lessons (Membership Drive),  6:00-7:00; Rehearsal 7:00-9:30
  • Jan 20-21 - TORI POSTMA COACHING.  Everyone expected to attend - it will be fabulous!!!  As a Showmanship Judge, Tori uses a lot of humor in her excellent teaching style and you'll experience a lot joy as she helps us move into the next level of performance skills!
  • May 4-6 - Regional Convention & Competition, Reno, Nevada
Looking further ahead, you do NOT want to miss the amazing SANDY MARRON coaching on FEBRUARY 17-18.  We need all singers there for this spectacular opportunity to work with one of the very best coaches worldwide!  Do whatever you can to clear your calendar for these dates; you will grow in ways you can't begin to imagine!

I've also been in contact with RYAN HELLER to come and work with us on a few Thursday nights again this season (Jan thru Apr). On those weeks, we'll likely have 90-minute Sectionals on Tuesdays but will confirm this when I get the dates set.

We'll be planning a weekend ADVANCE (retreat) sometime in March so be saving for that (it's usually ~$75). Better yet, sell lots of tickets to our show and we can make enough profit that we can pay everyone's fees!  And for contest!  And more! Yeah!

It's so exciting to see so many new members and guests in the last couple of months:  Sara and Amy Amato, Cat West, Sasanna Botieff, Norine Ask, Marge Lawrence, Christine Harder, Ali Lohman.  Janet Owen (Membership Coordinator) and I will be scheduling a Rookie Orientation session with all of you soon.  We will tell you all about the chorus, the Sweet Adelines organization, and answer all your questions.  You have joined a group of loving, ambitious women who enjoy working towards a goal of musical excellence and I'm so glad you chose to sing with us!

I recently asked everyone to think about the ways that OSC has changed your life: the people you have met, the things you've learned (as singers and administrators), the projects you've completed, your accomplishments at competitions, the memories you've made.  I know that OSC (and my entire Sweet Adelines experience) has touched me on a very personal level many times in my life, and has taught me lessons that continue to help me as your director and as a performer.  To paraphrase a song from the show "Wicked" ....

"Because I know you, my life has changed for good".