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posted May 20, 2018, 5:42 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated May 20, 2018, 6:52 PM ]
Hello all -  I'm working on learning tracks for all the great new music we'll be starting this summer.  I'm sure the list looks intimating, especially if you are a relatively new member or a guest considering membership in this great chorus but I want you to keep in mind that we will be learning them over a period of many weeks and months, and since we don't have a big show planned in the fall, we have plenty of time to learn them.  

Some tips for learning new songs is on the handout attached to this article, but some additional tips are:
  • Tackle 1-2 songs at a time.  
  • Bring your smart phone to the risers and ask one of the other members to sing into it for you.
  • Record yourself each week and check your accuracy.  Send it to your section leader for advise and assistance.
  • Learn them right the first time; it's very hard to correct mistakes after they've gotten memorized.
Here's the plan for July & August: 
  • July 3 - only those performing on July 7th (must be there)
  • July 10 - no rehearsal ("dark")* 
  • July 17 - regular rehearsal, introduce 3 songs and spend part of the evening in sectional 
    • Sister Act  (new, by popular demand)
    • Forgotten Dreams/Long Ago & Far Away (new to some)
    • Fun In Just One Lifetime (sang in 2011)
  • July 24 - section leaders in charge, sectionals from 7:00-9:00 on first 3 songs, 30 minutes each
  • July 31 - no rehearsal ("dark")*
  • Aug - 7 - regular rehearsal, introduce next 3 songs and spend part of the evening in sectionals
    • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (sang in 2013)
    • Just the Way You Look Tonight (almost learned in 2017)
    • After You've Gone (new contest uptune for 2019 - but don't start it yet, I'm making some edits)
  • Aug 14 - section leaders in charge, sectionals from 7:00-9:00 on these 3 songs, 30 minutes each
  • Aug 21 - regular rehearsal, part of the evening in sectionals
  • Aug 28 - no rehearsal (dark) *
* If you want to come and work on the music on the "dark" nights, you are certainly welcome to do so.  Combine it with a social time to get acquainted with the other singers in your section; invite singers from other sections so you can hear your part with them, which increases your listening and tuning skills.  

Please go ahead and get started on these songs; be the first in your section who's off the music!  Sectionals are for strengthening the unit, matching vowels, resonance, and other skills (not for teaching you the notes and words - that's the responsibility of each singer, using the tools provided).

The Section Leaders will be splitting up the songs (3 songs each), and I'll let you know which songs they have selected as soon as I hear back from them.  Your talented and generous section leaders are:

  • TENORS:  Judy Gobat and Kathi Mitts
  • LEADS:  Cat West and Sasanna Botieff
  • BARITONES:  Karlene Hancock and Marian Martin
  • BASSES:  Eileen Kemp and Laurie Burk
Be sure to THANK these ladies for the time and talents they bring to the chorus.  As the saying goes, I get too much appreciation said no one, ever.

Kathy Scheel,
May 20, 2018, 5:42 PM