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June-July Plans!

posted Jun 15, 2016, 9:34 AM by OregonSpirit
All of you know that I'm going on vacation (with Eileen Kemp) and will be gone for 3 weeks, but we've got some really talented ladies who are stepping forward to lead you and I know they'll appreciate your presence and energy!   Here are the plans for the coming month:

June 21
  • I'm still here this week and my sister, Anita, will be visiting!  Most of you will remember her from the CATS chorus that went to Harmony Classic and she's really looking forward to seeing all of you again.
  • Do self-evaluation recordings on Star-Spangled Banner, Let Freedom Ring, From a Distance  (you should also be doing these self-recordings at home without the chorus so you can test how solid you are on the music). 
  • One of the goals that you set this year is to increase our scores at regional competition to 600+ points.  The work begins now.  We/you cannot wait until January to "get serious" about improving your skills.  The chorus will score higher only if each individual is dedicated to self-improvement in your vocal skills as well as consistent attendance at rehearsals where we work on unity, vowel matching, vocal placement, characterization, showmanship, and so many other elements of high-level barbershop chorus performances.  I'm going to start giving voice lessons again in August, so if you're interested, let me know.  No longer free - but very reasonable.  You can come alone or in small groups, or even a quartet. 

June 28
  • Vocal warmups led by Elaine Rosenberg - using CD, "Sing, Baby, Sing"
  • Rhythmic warmups led by Judy Gobat.
  • Section Rehearsals, led by Judy Gobat, Marla Moberg, Darlene Manning/Marian Martin, and Libby Stokes.  Work on helping our prospective members get ready to audition.  Star-Spangled Banner, Let Freedom Ring, Happy Together, All the Way, I Didn't Wanna Fall.  Go thru choreography for part of the evening, too.
  • Come together and stand apart on the risers to continue your self-evaluation recordings.  Next week, you'll send them to your section leaders for review.
  • Techy Refresher, led by Elaine Rosenberg.  If you have questions about our chorus website, emails, folders, calendar, etc, or Facebook, Meetup, or other techy things, bring your device (laptop, tablet), and learn about how to navigate more easily and why it's important to be a member of Meetup, how to utilize Facebook to bring in more people for singing or shows, etc.  She will likely need some of your help to set up tables for this at the end of the evening, as well as maybe a few extension cords (if needed).  Email her with your questions ahead of time so she's prepared with answers for you.

July 5
  • "Dark" - No rehearsal since it's so close to the holiday. 
  • Take your vacations this week, if possible, so we'll have more singers on the risers on Tuesday nights this summer.  When all of you are there, the prospective members can hear the real sound of OSC and it's more likely they'll be impressed, intrigued, and interested in joining!

July 12
  • Vocal warmups led by Elaine Rosenberg, using CD, "Sing, Baby, Sing"
  • Rhythmic warmups led by Judy Gobat
  • Several non-OSC members will be visiting this evening, so make them feel very welcome.  Wear your name badges and help them feel comfortable.  Introduce them as guests.
  • Section rehearsals led by Judy Gobat/Gail Shelton, Marla Moberg/Linda Tracy, Darlene Manning/Marian Martin, and B.Gail Hillyer
  • Come together and stand apart on the risers to update your own recordings.  
  • Continue to make our prospective members feel welcome and help them prepare for audition next week.
  • I encourage ANYONE to put together a section rehearsal away from chorus.  It's something that many choruses do!  Not only do you learn your part better, but you get time to socialize with your chorus sisters. 
  • Reminder:  You only have 3 weeks before you're expected to sing "Somebody to Love"

July 19
  • I'm back (and Eileen, too) and will be so eager to see/hear all of you again!
  • Prospective members will be encouraged to audition tonight, so I'll need section leaders there by 6:45.  At this writing, I don't yet know what song the new people will sing, so be fully prepared (solid) for ANY song we've been working on. 
  • Invite people to come to rehearsal on the first Tuesday of every month for "Girls' Night Out".  We need to keep the momentum going to grow this chorus!
  • Only 2 weeks before you're expected to sing "Somebody to Love".  Get together with others in your section to work on it.  Even if it's just 2-3 of you, it will be time well spent (and fun).

July 23 (Saturday)
  • Saturday Hawaii Chorus Kickoff.  Many of you have volunteered to help greet the non-OSC singers - thank you.  I'll be emailing the list of tasks and
  • All day rehearsal, followed by pizza party to get better acquainted.

July 26
  • Next week is Girls' Night Out, so invite people to come and check us out.  Put notes on Facebook, Meetup, send emails, or just follow Judy Dixon around town and see how she does it - ha!
  • Volunteer for helping on the November 13 show.  Lots of little jobs to be filled - see Sarah Black, Show Chair.