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posted Feb 22, 2019, 12:26 PM by Kathy Scheel
Attached are the scoresheets / judges' comments from our performance at the 2018 Regional Chorus Competition.  Some of the handwriting is hard to read, so here's a transcript of their notes.  As you read through these, I'd like you to think about how these comments may apply to the songs we're preparing for this year's competition, and some of the things each of us can do to address them.

#1 - Who's Sorry Now
#2 - All the Things You Are
Total score:  541 (B average)


Judging Criteria
  • #1 Rangy melody, good song & arrangement
  • #2 Okay song, okay arrangement
  • Vocal skills: Good work!
  • Harmony accuracy:  A few problems, especially song #1
  • Tempo:  Solidify
  • Musical Unity:  Some disagreements
  • Phrasing: Smooth out for more emotional impact
Performance Evaluation
  • #1 - Be sure to unify every aspect of your intro for pristine chords. Good tempo set, down beat became a more appropriate backbeat.  Some musical unity issues here and there (exc. "how you", "pay"). 2nd half of song not as well tuned as first half.   Score:  67 (B)
  • #2 - Lovely song with many secondary harmonies. Smooth out your phrasing for added musicality.  Some loss of musical unity when phrases were rapidly delivered. Tag took a few seconds to tune. Score:  66 (B)
  • Suitability to performer:  Yes, both songs good choices; there's more gold to be mined, though!

Judging Criteria
  • Vocal skills: 
    • Good work is evident in all of these areas 
    • Expand resonance for a fuller, more barbershop sound
  • Accuracy:
    • Note: Your attention to these areas is paying off.
    • Synchronization:  Some issues in both songs.
  • Barbershop Blend
    • Vowel production - Add more height and space to the vowel production
  • Artistic sound
    • Continue to focus on these areas.  A higher level of vocal flexibility will help elevate the execution of your good plans.
Performance Evaluation
  • #1 - Good energy in opening. Add even more energy for stronger impact. Lift and support the phrase endings with even more energy. Sing more vowel to vowel and through the singable consonants for more continuous tone flow. Score:  68 (B)
  • #2 - Some effective dynamic contrast in song #2. Drive into the climax of the song needed even more vocal urgency!  Final chord of song #2 not well tuned. Score:  66 (B)
  • Barbershop balance (cone):  Good


Judging Criteria
  • Technical elements
    • Vocal skills: 
      • Work shows
      • Good stuff here, but unity not always present. 
      • Strive for consistent execution and precision in lyric delivery.
      • Musicality:  Glimmers
  • Artistic Interpretive Plan
    • Lyric flow & phrasing: fine here
    • Forward motion: room for improvement
    • Dynamics: nice ideas
    • Characterization & emotional communication:  coming along
Performance Evaluation
  • #1 - Good intro - "smiled" needs diphthong!  Clever build to tempo. Speaking of tempo, you have a good one going but subtle lapses.  Clever lyrical alterations. Dynamic plan is good - need more finesse on louds. Synch issues are becoming a factor - all of the basic elements need to be in alignment.   Score:  67 (B)
  • #2 - Musical, tender entry to lovely ballad. Phrase plan is effective and suits your skill level.  Again, attacks/releases need to be executed together for better unity. What a beautiful story - that needs a more sincere delivery - make us believe! Take advantage of more of the word sounds to bring the story to life. Score:  68 (B)


Judging Criteria
  • Performance  (communication of the visual and musical product)
    • Vocal skills: high
    • Poise and command:  Yes
    • Characterization:  You're making strides here - now amplify
    • Choreography:  Well done
    • Audience rapport:  Yes
  • Preparation (visual plan)
    • Costume: What a pretty book - points up faces well
    • Makeup/grooming:  Lovely overall
    • Choreography/creativity:  Creative plans
Performance Evaluation
  • #1 - Lots of personality from the moment the lights came up! The song is full of fun elements - "Facebook", "blocked you", the cough- nyah, nyah" - you created quite a character!  Keep all the faces continually involved in the message for most impact.   Score:  70 (B)
  • #2 - The ballad is lovely. Your commitment to the lyric is ovious to us as you begin. Don't let that loving, worship-from-afar face lapse into concentration and break the spell of what you've created. Score:  69 (B)
  • Director:  She is something!  What a showman! A really valuable part of this performance unit.

Kathy Scheel,
Feb 22, 2019, 12:26 PM