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posted May 14, 2011, 11:21 AM by Kathy Scheel

Last Saturday, we broke into groups and brainstormed on the ways that a jigsaw puzzle is like singing in a chorus....  I've done this exercise with other groups over the years (and with OSC about 4 years ago), and you came up with MANY new ways ....See the list below (and attached if you'd like to keep it and print it).


1.     If a piece is missing (voice or body) we are not complete.

2.     The outside edges are important – they are the framework of the group. 

3.     We have a plan (the puzzle picture), we build the puzzle (the song), and we work to fit the puzzle piece inside that plan.

4.     Some pieces have 4 distinct edges (or parts).

5.     Not all pieces fit where you think they will – need to move them around to you find where they really belong (like on the risers).

6.     Can put a puzzle together without seeing the color, just the reverse side which is gray and boring, but when you turn it around to the right side, it’s bright and brilliant and colorful.

7.     The piece that shows a heart piece is significant because OSC has a lot of heart as individuals and as a chorus.

8.     Each piece is unique, but all are connected together.

9.     Lots of pieces in a puzzle, no symmetry – need someone (director) to pull it all together.

10.  Puzzles have lots of different colors and when they’re all put together, they form a beautiful picture but only when they’re working together.

11.  If you try to muscle a piece into place, it will just get frayed edges.

12.  One piece had a star on it – some of OSC members are like stars!

13.  Some pieces are soft/blurred – others are distinct/detailed – we are like that.

14.  If you look at the puzzle when it’s all done, sitting on the table, it looks flat, but if you look closely you can see that it’s slightly raised.

15.  The more pieces in a puzzle, the harder it is to put together.  It takes direction and teamwork.

16.  Sometimes you have to try different pieces in a place before you finally find the perfect fit.

17.  It’s important to know what the final picture is going to look like, the vision (starts with director but is shared with entire chorus)

18.  Sometimes we end up with such a beautiful picture that we decide to frame it and put it on the wall for others to see (like an award)

19.  Some puzzles are easier than others – some more challenging (like songs)

20.  One piece had a tree on it – that represents the deep roots of caring from each of us (as well as the root of every chord).

21.  When you have a favorite puzzle, you bring it out more often and spend more time with us.

22.  If you look at a puzzle piece, they’re really quite thin…(like us)

23.  We keep puzzles safe from dirt and anything negative happening to them.

24.  The colors of the puzzle all blend together to make a beautiful picture.

25.  Some puzzles are 100 pieces, 500 pieces, 1000 pieces --- OSC goes for the 5,000 piece puzzles every time.

26.  When a puzzle piece is broken or chewed up by a pet or baby, we find a way to fix it and help make it look like the rest of the puzzle.

Kathy Scheel,
May 14, 2011, 11:24 AM