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HERE WE GO !!!!!

posted Feb 27, 2011, 5:30 PM by Kathy Scheel
As we dive into the new fiscal year, there are so many things happening all at once.  To me, it's an exciting time of change, but I know that there are some who are not as comfortable with change.   But think about how each of these changes will just make OSC that much stronger as a singing unit, as an extended "family", as a living entity that continues to evolve.   New management team, new guests, new plans, new songs, new costumes, new choreography, new goals!  I know we all want our chorus to remain close-knit and that takes effort, just like all relationships.  So please take time each week to hug someone, tell them something nice, keep a smile on your face, and reach out to others in need.  

You are all such an amazing group - and we have created something unique and special here.  But remember - we came together to sing and improve our performance skills.  So take time every day to vocalize fully.   Stretch your range, explore your resonance, work on breath support and management.  This is YOUR instrument - treat it well, polish it like a lovely brass horn, and take good care of it.  You're a "master singer" now so you need to be very kind to your voice!  

Love - Kathy