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posted Feb 19, 2015, 5:32 PM by Kathy Scheel
That's what a former Project Manager used to say here at work ("Havin' some kinda fun now!") when things were getting tense and everyone was working hard, working lots of overtime, and the client was wanting the drawings and specs issued for construction "yesterday"!   It was his funny little way of helping us all relax just a little and realize we were all doing our very best.  And that's all we can ever ask or expect of ourselves or others, right?  I know that everyone at OSC is working hard, and it's been unusually busy since January; it seems that every weekend had a meeting or some kind of OSC activity or performance!   This can't continue - and it won't.  The decisions made now will enable us to move forward with plans for the coming year (choreography, script, show committees, etc.).   If you haven't found a chorus "job" yet, please ask where you can help - it's always appreciated.    I've noticed a wonderful up-tick in the amount of volunteerism - people are joining committees, communicating, getting things planned, and I hear a lot of smiles and see a lot of hugs.  That's a sign of a really healthy chorus - and it makes my heart very happy!  
Last week's "bag night" was silly and fun and I think you all learned a little something, too.  I posted the picture on facebook and will also post it in our website Photo Gallery soon.  Watch out - we're going to have "collander night" in March :) 
This coming Tuesday (February 24th), we'll be working primarily on our cats package, because Sue Beck (showmanship judge) is coming to coach us in just 2 weeks (Saturday, March 7th).  I want to have a few things in place before she gets here so it's a more productive session.  The choreography team is meeting on Saturday, February 28th (2:00 at the Elks), and we'll be working on staging / blocking / moving around between songs, so we'd sure love to have more bodies to help.  If you could come at about 3:00, that would be great (let me know, please).
Miscellaneous notes:
  • Self-evaluations end next week, so be sure to listen to your recordings and fix anything you notice.  The section leaders will start evaluating everyone in March. 
  • Please continue to like you to keep working on All the Way so we can hopefully perform it on our June 27th show.  It's going to be such a beautiful number and I can tell that you love singing it, so that brings an extra richness to the sound.
  • Remember to refrain from using "reply all" on emails.  
  • Check this website frequently for updates - Kathy's Korner is updated weekly, and the other CMT members updates theirs periodically, too - plus the OSC to HC page is building with more exciting information, too.   I will no longer be sending you emails with links to this page.  You'll be checking on your own - thanks.
LOVE TO ALL -  Kathy