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Happy New Year !!!

posted Jan 1, 2012, 11:45 AM by Kathy Scheel
Happy New Year to all of you fantastic women!!   I'm pretty excited (yeah, so what's new?) about what's coming up for us between now and March!  But let's take it a step at a time for now  (ha!).  Here's what's on our plates:

-  New song:  Take a Chance (really different staging planned)
-  Renewed song:  Let Yourself Go (or originally arranged - and choreography)
-  Renewed song:  On My Own (polish it to a sheen)
-  Contest song - updated choreography:  Joint is Jumpin'
-  Contest song - added a bit of choreography, plus staging

We'll start our Barbershop Craft Classes this week, beginning promptly at 7:00 with a different person presenting a 15-minute craft class each week.  You'll definitely want to be here for these classes which will be presented by Dawn Wright (this week), Linda Huston, Dana Barron, Lisa Fieber, Connie Norman, Gloria Jarvis, and Mary Cotton. 

And this month we'll move to the next phase of Evaluations (you have done your self-evaluations already, and believe you are at 100% accuracy, right?).  We'll show you how it works by doing the process starting with those who will be doing the evaluating.  This will begin next week (Jan 12).

Also this month, we'll be videotaping all of the rehearsals and posting them on the website.  This is such a great tool to show you how much you are (or are not) doing to visually enhance the chorus plan.  The best thing to do, as always, is rehearse (full voice) in front of a mirror and see what you are doing - then make it even better.