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Great Meeting with Management & Music Teams - TOGETHER !!!!

posted Jul 14, 2014, 6:19 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jul 14, 2014, 7:50 AM ]
WOW - what a meeting!  The management team and music team (section leaders) met to discuss issues of mutual interest and importance.  Thank you to the following women who up to my house on Sunday for a really worthwhile meeting (and great potluck):  Lori McGinty, Eileen Kemp, Lisa Fieber, Mary Cotton, Diana N-N, Marla Moberg, Gloria Jarvis, Laurie Burk, Elaine Rosenberg, Janice Lacombe, Margie Talley, and Tammy Roberson.    Here are some of the things we accomplished:

  • We finalized the Performance/Participation Options which will be distributed on Tuesday night (7/15).  Each member will sign the form of intention and return it to Lori McGinty.
  • We decided on the concept for an amazing and entertaining performance package for Reno and Harmony Classic.   This will be presented to the chorus soon!
  • We selected a new song to learn right away (Happy Together).   And will continue to do Sing & Celebrate for welcoming in new members.  We'll start the song on the risers, on the 2nd verse we'll move to the floor, and on the 3rd verse we'll surround the new member. 
  • We selected which coaches we will utilize this year (Marge Bailey, Dede Nibler, Ryan Heller, Shirley Kout).  
    • Basses are going to contact Kim Chadwick to come and work with their section. 
    • The other 3 sections will be provided with names of people to contact for their respective sections.
  • We set some dates for the calendar which is being updated on this website for you for retreats and other events.
  • We discussed fundraisers (need chairs for a few things - please see Laurie Burk to volunteer your help).
    • Sponsor letters
    • Poinsettia sales
    • Applebee's
    • Silent Auction
    • Valegrams (potential - Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this coming February 14th)
    • GoFundMe (potential)
  • We talked about Rookie Training for all the new members joining OSC.  Target is for mid-August.
  • Media Night is tentatively set for August 19th.  Elaine Rosenberg and Diane Watson are working on bringing in newspaper reporters, CCTV, and radio people to tell them about OSC, have interviews, take pictures, do some videos.
  • Our new mantra (to take the place of CPR) is:  Rock Your Mission (RYM)
  • Quality control will no longer be called "evaluations".  They will now be referred to as SEQUINSSinging for Evaluation of QUality of Interp, Notes, and Showmanship.  
    • The interp & note will be checked from the top of the risers (instead of in front). 
    • Kathy is working on a new process of checking the showmanship, with input from a non-OSC member. This will likely start in a few months.
  • SEQUINS for After You've Gone will commence on 7/15, however, Gloria and Lisa will be looking at the lyrics and make recommendations to me this week.  It's possible that we may go back to the original-original words to this song but continue to work on your note accuracy and phrase flow.

Onward and upward !!!

Love - Kathy