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posted Jun 12, 2018, 9:52 AM by Kathy Scheel

  • Invite women to the June 19th Girls' Night Out.  Share the Facebook event frequently in order to keep it in the top of people's timeline/news feed.  Otherwise, it ends up at the bottom and is easily overlooked/forgotten.  Let's grow this chorus!  Who are YOU bringing?
  • Respond to the Doodle poll regarding the possible chorus trip to Ireland.  13 members have not yet responded and we need to hear from everyone before we can make a decision.  Link: https://doodle.com/poll/cvi64ar3v37mnkfh
  • Go to our Meetup group and post a new message:  tell why you love singing in OSC, what you've learned, what it has added to your life, the vocal education, songs, friends, laughter, etc.  Your "review" of our chorus could be the deciding factor when a person is making a decision of whether to visit OSC or some other choral ensemble.  Make them want to come to US!  If you're not yet a member of our Meetup group, it's a great way to connect with women who are looking for a place to sing - and it's free!  Paste this link into your browser and join today!  The more members we have, the more attention we'll get:  https://www.meetup.com/oregonspiritchorus/ 
  • Register for Oregon Days.  Arrange for carpools, roommates, download the song/learning tracks.  Talk it up with others.  Let's show them a strong OSC presence, in line with our Values Statement ("dedicated to musical excellence and life-long learning").  Go to:  www.sairegion12.org 
  • Get a head start on the songs we'll be learning (or re-learning) this summer.  See earlier Kathy's Korner posts for the  list of songs and when they'll be introduced.  If you can set aside one hour of non-interrupted, dedicated time, you can learn a song in that hour.  Follow the guidelines (see attached "How to Learn a Song Quickly") and help your singing sisters prepare for a really fun, positive experience.  Your voice, your preparation, and your positive approach can make the difference!
  • Come to rehearsals.  We are trying a new "summer schedule" to maximize attendance and maintain musical progress throughout the summer (and not lose all those awesome skills you developed pre-contest).  It's especially helpful to have you there to help guide the new guests we're expecting.  Your personal connection as a Riser Buddy is an enormous factor in making these women feel welcome, and your help with the music is essential to their comfort and learning.
  • You have a unique skill set, and there are many small tasks where your help would be appreciated.  Volunteer in some way (other than adding your lovely voice).  Instead of a handful of women doing everything, let's remember the motto, "many hands make light work".  
    • Do you like to dance?  Let Judy Gobat know you'd like to lead rhythmic warmups a few times.
    • Do you like to do spreadsheets?  Let Lynne Rice know that you can help keep track of guests.
    • Do you like to do techy stuff?  Let Elaine Rosenberg know you can help (or learn) on the OSC website.
    • Do you like doing videos?  Let me know you can help with this occasionally.
    • Do you like organizing things?  Let Elaine or me know that you can help organize our storage room at Elks.
    • Do you like designing posters, programs, flyers?  Let Diane Watson know you can help her.
    • Do you like working on projects?  Let any of the management team know.
  • Try to read chorus emails at least every 2 days and respond as requested, especially for performances.  We cannot assume you saw it if you are "silent".  Be sure you've got your chorus emails (@oregonspirit.org) automatically forwarded to your personal email account so you don't have to check two places.  
  •  Hug someone today.  Let them know you care.  Tell them how much you appreciate them.  As Jan Carley says in her book:  "I get too much recognition"....said no one, ever.

Love, Kathy

Kathy Scheel,
Jun 12, 2018, 9:52 AM