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posted Nov 4, 2012, 9:01 AM by Kathy Scheel
We're finally going to get started on learning "From a Distance", and I'm pretty pumped about it.  This is my own arrangement of the song, as sung by Columbia Connection quartet in 1992 (that's who's singing it on the recording - with Eileen Kemp as bass).  Please get started on your own to learn the notes first - then add the words.  We'll put it together on our first Second Saturday Session on January 12th so be sure to work on it before then so we can really make good progress that day.  This song always got an emotional response from audiences and I'm excited to present it to the region in Boise on the evening show.  I hope you love it as much as I do.
We're also going to be having lots of great coaching coming up soon, starting with Ryan Heller on Wednesday, Nov. 21st.  I know that some of you are not sure you're coming because of Thanksgiving plans.  I'd like to ask that you consider ways to enable you to attend this important coaching session.  Can you perhaps prepare some things before or after our rehearsal that night?  With the exciting goals that were set last month, it's important that your voice is there, adding to the other voices to make the whole.  Without your voice, we are not complete...like a missing piece of a puzzle.   We will video the session, so if it's impossible for you to attend, you are expected (along with everyone else) to study the video and see what happened so we retain all the wonderful progress we'll make that evening.
Remember that the Christmas Chorus is a membership drive, so be sure to talk to guests about staying for the whole rehearsal and learning some of our other songs.  See if they might be interested in singing with us in Boise.  Get to know them - talk to them about music - and let them know about the incredible learning opportunities in Sweet Adelines International, and Oregon Spirit Chorus!
Sing every day - sirens, bubbles, full-voice work.  Build your stamina and energy and vocal strength!  Record yourself frequently to check for errors, tuning tweaks, vowels, diphthongs, resonance, breathing, everything you want to be a singer/performer is yours - it just takes personal commitment to the end goal.  FABULOUSITY !!