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posted Feb 28, 2018, 10:13 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Feb 28, 2018, 10:16 AM ]
Thanks for everyone's participation in the Chorus Chat.  I really appreciated that you watched (and seemed to enjoy) the videos, made notes, contributed your ideas, and had a voice in the decisions.  I hope that you will embrace these decisions, even if they are not your personal preferences.  We're a family/team so we're all in this together and the plans for our future look very exciting!  I sent an email with the results of the voting, but here are the main points:

A'CAPPELLA ACADEMY -  Although we had a very successful all-day youth harmony workshop in September 2017, we will try something new this year.  We will present a two-week course to local girls (high school and college age) on consecutive Tuesdays in October.  OSC will be the faculty, teaching music, craft, etc.  The girls will have an opportunity to get acquainted with us and will hopefully be interested in joining the Christmas Chorus and continue singing with us in the years ahead.

CHORUS SHOW - We will look at a date for presenting a low-key show in the fall.  This may just be a cabaret-style show at the Elks; we will talk more about this and make some decisions very soon.  We'll also  start the process of putting a full production show in 2019, hiring a big-name quartet.   We will continue to also present an annual pre-contest send-off show (late April), and the annual Holiday Harmony show (December)- both at the Elks.

SUMMER SCHEDULE -  Since we have a big performance on July 7th, we will continue to have regular rehearsals in June.  However, since the 4th of July holiday is on a Wednesday, we may not rehearse on Tuesday, July 3rd.  Perhaps just the performing group could come for a 1-hour session (let me know).  Starting July 10th, we will have the following rehearsal schedule for the summer: 
  • 1st & 3rd week - Regular rehearsal (plus a 5th week in July) - me or Sasanna in charge
  • 2nd & 4th week - Sectionals, section leaders in charge
CHORUS TRIP - We will plan a group trip to Ireland/Scotland in the summer of 2020.  We'll have some projects to fund the trip so hopefully everyone will be able to participate.  I will contact Patsy Meiser of Harmony Travel (http://harmony-travel.net) to start looking at putting together an itinerary to include historical sites as well as performances in amazing places, touring the beautiful country, learning about their culture, and other exiting activities.  We will also be inviting non-OSC people to come and sing with us again.  Since the trip will most likely be in July of 2020 (best weather for Scotland/Ireland), we will be discussing the schedule for rehearsals to include "outsiders" in May and June of that year.

  • Coaching - RYAN HELLER is coaching us again next week (Mar 6) and he's really looking forward to seeing how much we've retained since his last visit, as well as what he knows we learned from Sandy Marron.  So let's come prepared and energized to show him what we've got!  We'll go from 6:30-9:30 (and some of you will be there at 6:00 for your evaluations).
  • Spring Flower Sale - Laurie Burk announced that the annual spring flower sale will start soon!  Be thinking of people/places that may be interested in these gorgeous flowers!  Your co-workers, office receptionists, schools, church friends.  
  • Girls Weekend at the Beach - Send a note to eileen.kemp@oregonspirit.org if you want to go on August 17-19 or August 24-26.  Then she can make reservations accordingly.  Lots of FUN!!   We typically go down on a Friday night and return on Sunday.  If you can only come down for the day on Saturday and not stay overnight, that's fine.  Just let Eileen know.  It's always in a large house and we usually have 15-18 of us there - walking on the beach, eating, playing games, and laughing our heads off.  We share the cost, so the more there are, the less it will cost each person.  Everyone brings something to share eating/drinking.  
  • Garage Sale - Laurie Burk also announced that we will have a garage sale on one of the first Saturdays in August.  Leah Law has agreed to chair the event (thanks, Leah) but she'll need lots of help before/during/after the project.  It will be held at McNary Estates (Diane Watson's home) and can be a huge fundraiser for OSC, so start setting aside your things now - not just things to sell, but also be thinking of ways to display items (tables, racks, etc.).  
  • Advance - Be preparing your act for the talent show.  It would be great to see each section do a skit of some kind, so let's get lots of people involved in the fun.  Let Lynne Rice know and bring it on!