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posted Feb 13, 2018, 11:24 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Feb 14, 2018, 7:51 AM ]
In order to sing your very best and get the most out of our coaching sessions with Sandy Marron, it's very important that you prepare your body and voice in the days leading up to the weekend.  One of the challenges we have experienced is the need for physical/mental stamina to last through the entire day with the same amount of energy as you had in the morning.  This is something that can be built up over time, so you should be doing some exercises every day.  Also build your vocal stamina by singing through the entire contest package (full voice, all dynamics, choreography, showmanship, vowels, resonance, everything) at least once/day.  While you're building stamina, you'll also be building muscle memory so check yourself to be sure you're building it correctly and not reinforcing errors.  [Evaluations should be well underway with your section leaders.]

Stay healthy!  Wash your hands frequently, especially when you are out in public (shopping, restaurants, movies, etc.) to avoid getting the flu.   And get a good night's rest on Friday and Saturday nights.  

THANK YOU for showing such great commitment to the process and the chorus team by attending these coaching sessions.  These coaches are booked over a year in advance, so we're very fortunate to have this level of talent and education as we all want to grow and improve. And the chorus is paying significant money, so I consider it an investment in your musical education. [Note: Put coaching dates on your calendars at home so your families know these weekends are important and to try to avoid scheduling anything else.]

SATURDAY:  9:00-4:15  
    Arrive early so you are on the risers promptly 
    Vocalize on the way
    Wear section colors, name badges
    Bring recorders, water, lunches, water
    Plan to go to dinner somewhere together (place tbd) - for FUN / SOCIALIZING
    In the evening, mentally review what you learned 

SUNDAY:  9:00-12:00
    Vocalize on the way and mentally review what you learned on Saturday   
    Wear section colors, name badges
    We're stopping at noon in order to get Sandy to airport

Since Tim is unable to come, the PVIs are cancelled, but I will be restarting the weekly vocal coaching sessions soon.  

I'm ready to roll for another AWESOME weekend of dedication to musical excellence!

Love, Kathy