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posted May 18, 2016, 4:10 PM by Kathy Scheel

Hello there -  I understand that some of you are thinking of taking some time off this summer because you have a notion that we are only going to be working on songs for Hawaii.  I want to dispel that rumor and let you know that we are going to be working on several new pieces of music in the coming weeks/months, not just the Hawaii songs.  EVERY MEMBER is important to OSC and I want each of you to feel included in chorus plans. 


Here are some things you should know: 

  • The chorus has been wanting to learn the Star-Spangled Banner for a few years now, and we will keep it in the regular chorus repertoire (not just Hawaii).  You will love this exciting and unique arrangement!
  • We’ve also wanted to bring back From a Distance and Let Freedom Ring, so they will once again be a part of our regular chorus repertoire. 
  • The patriotic songs will provide more performance opportunities from specific groups that have asked for this type of presentation.  And it’s possible we could put on a wonderful 4th of July show next year, featuring these songs.
  • There will be other new songs introduced (Somebody to Love, Fields of Gold, and maybe another) this summer and it's much easier to learn along with the group instead of trying to play catch-up.
  • We need to keep working on the songs we performed in Reno so we don’t lose the skills gained on our journey to the regional competition.  No back-sliding on All the Way and I Didn’t Wanna Fall.  Let's go for Most Improved Chorus next year by adding more layers of artistry and finesse and unity and B+ level singing to these songs!  
  • We may have some non-OSC singers visiting rehearsals part-time because they have to miss the 1st Hawaii rehearsal (since it was changed from 7/16 to 7/23). 
  • NEW IDEA:  The 11 OSC members who are not going to Hawaii (and any new members we gain between now and then) can rehearse the Christmas songs and perform around town in December, and you could also sing on the November 12th show.  I am happy to come down and work with the group and our new Performance Coordinator (Linda Cunningham) will find places to sing!   Let me know if you like this idea!    Here is a list of the Christmas singers:

§  Tenor:  Patrice, Heidi

§  Lead:  Tammy, Smitty

§  Baritone:  Adry, DianeE, Karlene, Janice

§  Bass:  Linda, Laurie, Libby

·        We all want to GROW THIS CHORUS and need your voices there each week to demonstrate “our sound”.  When people are missing, it truly is not the same.  Janet Owen (Membership Coordinator) will be filling you in on more details but here are a couple of things current being planned:

o   May 31st -  BRING A FRIEND NIGHT.  Many of you have people who have expressed an interest in joining us, so this is a great night to invite them to visit.  We’ll learn Star-Spangled Banner together, go thru some other songs, and also have refreshments at the end of the evening.  We need all voices there!   We have this "event" on our facebook page, so be sure to SHARE it with anyone you think may be interested.  The sooner we get these ladies into the chorus, the sooner they can start learning about resonation, vowel matching, unity, showmanship, and all the other facets of our art form.

o   Late July (date to be confirmed) we are planning to invite teenage girls for a  one-day HARMONY BOOT CAMP this summer. Janet will need to know how many of you can be there to help us teach a song to the girls and help them learn about barbershop harmony and OSC.  We’ll have section rehearsals and will work on singing skills, with help from YOU, and then at the end of the day, we’ll all perform for each other and the girls will sing for their parents & friends.  One of the songs is “Harmonize the World” with OSC singing the regular song, and the girls singing a special overlay.  Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to welcome some of these young ladies as new members this year?!

Rehearsal plans for the 3 weeks I’m on vacation are:

o   June 28 – section rehearsals

o   July 5 – no rehearsal (many will be gone due to Independence Day holiday)

o   July 12 – section rehearsals 

So ….you can see that we have lots of things planned for the summer and want all of you beautiful women there to keep on making music together, learning new songs, welcoming new guests, helping them learn about barbershop harmony, and all the additional benefits of being a member of this amazing group!


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Love, Kathy





KATHY R. SCHEEL,  Master Director

OREGON SPIRIT CHORUS  (www.oregonspirit.org)

2015 International Harmony Classic 3rd Place Medalist Chorus

2016 Oregon Representatives at 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day in Hawaii (Dec, 2016)

2016 Regional Division A Chorus Champions