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Evaluations - Not Such a Scary Thing

posted Mar 24, 2015, 8:56 AM by Kathy Scheel
Read this self-affirmation aloud:
I know my part.  I've worked hard on it....I've listened to my own recordings so I could see find out if there were any problems to fix... I fixed them.... I asked my section leader about a couple of places where I wasn't sure... I had her listen to me to help on a few places...  I had a PVI to identify vocal issues to work on...I'm working on them.....  I'm ready.  So what's the fuss?  I'm a great singer and I add my voice to the other beautiful voices in this chorus to make a wonderful, rich sound.
Evaluations... not such a scary word, after all !  
All members of OSC know the importance of accuracy, tuning, synchronization, resonance, blending, dynamics, vowel matching, and all the other facets of the incredible art form of barbershop harmony.   We strive for excellence and realize that each and every singer is at a different place in her personal journey to become a better singer and performer.  YOU are the only one responsible for your own progress.   The evaluation is simply a tool to realize where you are NOW - and make a plan for improving upon that for your own personal reward.
Love -  Kathy