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posted Mar 4, 2015, 7:27 PM by Kathy Scheel
Every member of Oregon Spirit Chorus is important and in order to give some recognition to each other, I started the ESSENTIAL PIECE JAR.  It's a beautiful glass jar with bling on it, and is sitting prominently displayed each week at chorus.   Each week, a member presents it to another member, explaining why she thinks of her as an Essential Piece of OSC.  This special recognition started in January, and here is a list of ladies who are ESSENTIAL PIECES of Oregon Spirit Chorus so far:

Kathy Scheel  to  Margie Talley
Margie Talley  to  Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith  to  Diane Watson
Diane Watson  to  Eileen Kemp
Eileen Kemp  to  Sue debit
Sue deBit  to  Judy Gobat
Judy Gobat to ______

I'll keep this page updated each week - so if you get the Essential Piece, you can check here to see who has (or has not) received it.