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posted Mar 24, 2016, 8:20 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Mar 24, 2016, 8:24 AM ]
I'm so very happy to let everyone know that Region 12 is planning to offer musical education workshops in Oregon every year!   This is really GREAT news for all of us and I hope you will plan ahead to attend as many of these seminars as possible.  Of course, it's also important to try to attend the AIM weekends, too, because they provide additional training, as well as a chance to join with the entire region for some incredibly fun times.  At AIM-January, there is a novice quartet/double quartet contest that is so entertaining, and at AIM-September, there is a humongous pep rally for the chorus(es) and quartet(s) representing Region 12 at the upcoming International Competition.  OSC experienced the thrilling pep rally last October 2015 and it's something we will  never forget.

But let me get back to OREGON DAYS, the new workshops being planned for Region 12's northernmost members.  Most of the workshops will be in either Eugene or Albany, so they're very close to home (Note: OSC could offer to host a workshop in Salem if we wish). 

Before I go any further, let me give you some info on the acronyms used to reference the region's educational programs:
  • AIM - Adventures in Music.  A variety of classes presented on a weekend in Sacramento in January and September.  Always have an international level faculty presenting, as well as highly skilled regional faculty classes.
  • LAW - Learn Arm Waving.  This is a one-day weekend session primarily for directors, assistant directors, section leaders.  But we also need to have singers and previous attendees can attest to the many things you can learn by participating in the seminar chorus.
  • RAP - Regional Administrative Program.  We are changing this acronym to better describe the intent of this one-day workshop. The new name is LEAD. - Leadership Education and Development.  This is for anyone (administrative or musical) wanting to learn more/new leadership skills such as building teams/teamwork, delegation, communication, etc. 

Here is the region's current 5-year plan.  In order to provide as much education as possible and also reduce the number of weekends involved, the region will design Oregon's workshops to combine two events as shown below.  The dates that are set are in red font below; the other dates are not yet confirmed.

  • 2016, June 18:  L.E.A.D. (Eugene)
  • 2016, October:  Oregon Days - Area/LAW School  (Albany)
  • 2017, June 9-11:  Summer Spectacular (Redding, CA) - 2-1/2 days
  • 2018, July:  Oregon Days - Area/LAW School - weekend, 2 days
  • 2019, June:  Oregon Days - LEAD/LAW School - weekend, 2 days
  • 2019, October:  Quartet Workshop - weekend
  • 2020, July:  Oregon Days - Area/LAW School - weekend, 2 days

I'm continuing my involvement in the Regional Education Steering Committee and will keep you informed of upcoming plans.  What I want you to know is that Oregon Spirit Chorus is already recognized as a leader in Oregon.  They already have come to expect that OSC will show up for workshops and be active in our pursuit of more knowledge.  I'm very proud of this awesome characteristic in our group!  In order to ensure our energetic presence, they seek my input on dates that are likely to work well for us.  That certainly shows how much they want us there!   This doesn't mean they exclude the other Oregon choruses, but it's important to them to have a successful workshop and having OSC there is a strong indicator.

If you have any questions about these workshops, I'm happy (eager) to share what I know with all of you!  Just ask!

Love, Kathy