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posted Feb 1, 2018, 3:07 PM by Kathy Scheel
There are some pretty amazing opportunities for musical education available to each of you this summer.  Here are the two main events:
  • June 14-16:  Harmony College Northwest, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA.  A full weekend of learning from high-level educators (Jean Barford, Ryan Heller, Jan Carley, and more), international championship quartets (LoveNotes and Newfangled Four).  They are currently developing the curriculum and I'll be sharing that as soon as it's published, but there will be classes for nearly every skill that you seek.  If you've ever attended HCNW, feel free to insert a comment below to let people know how awesome it is.  I don't know much more about it at this point but hope to have a new OSC Events Coordinator soon and she'll be passing along information on how to register, lodging, meals, etc. I'm very honored to be on the Faculty this year for the first time and am giving two classes: 
    • Novice Quartets - So You Want to Sing in a Quartet!  Things to discuss with each other, rehearsal scheduling, how to find coaches, how to select music
    • How to Be an Effective Section Leader (co-faculty with Nancy Kurth).  Self-evaluation of skills and challenges, how to support your director, job descriptions
    • I'm attending other classes such as:
      • Ring Chords Like Never Before (Ron Black)
      • The Overtone of Leadership (Jan Carley)
      • Coaching Under Glass (Jean Barford w/LoveNotes)
      • It's About the Music, or Is It?  (Jean Barford and Ryan Heller)
      • What Is it to be Real?  (Newfangled Four)
      • And more!!
  • July 28-29:  Oregon Days, Village Green Resort, Cottage Grove, OR.  This is presented by our own Region 12 and it already has a reputation of being one of the best educational weekends ever (go, Oregon ladies)!  I feel that it's important for OSC to support this event with our attendance, not only because it's a really worthwhile, meaningful, and relevant to each singer, but also because we want the Region to continue to bring this awesome education closer to home!  The regional leadership understands that it's sometimes difficult to attend the AIM weekends in Sacramento, so this is a perfect way to join together with all the other Oregon choruses and learn together in a relatively intimate setting, and just seeing each other is a joy!  The Village Green is lovely, the food is good, they have a big heated swimming pool amid a beautiful garden.  Please put this event as a high priority on your summer calendar.  Here's a snapshot of what to expect:
    • Saturday Area School, with sessions designed specifically for what WE want to learn about.  If you want classes about membership growth/retention, marketing, costume design, resonance, vowel matching, P-tuning, or anything, just let me know and I'll pass it along to our Regional Education Coordinator so she can assemble the best Region Faculty.  This region is blessed with really strong faculty, including several judges and high-level coaches, so you're sure to learn something in a new way.  There is a song that you'll learn ahead of time so it will be used in various classes (last year we used "The Best of Times").
    • Sunday LAW School ("Learn Arm-Waving"), where we split into different experience/skill levels of anyone wanting to direct a group - whether it's a section or the entire chorus.  In the afternoon, various directors/assistant directors/section leaders will have an opportunity to direct the chorus and learn what they can do to improve their communication skills with their hands (and eyes, and body language, etc.).  It's very educational, whether you are waving your arms or just singing.  Oh, yeah, the most important thing is that we need singers to be the chorus.  If you've ever attended a LAW School, please feel free to add your comments below to let others know just how beneficial it is to participate in the chorus.