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Disappointing .... but an Opportunity!!

posted Feb 6, 2014, 4:43 PM by Kathy Scheel
We're all so disappointed in the bad timing of the winter storm and how it affected our plans for musical progress with our coach, and all the other things that we had planned for the Advance weekend together.  But I'm looking at this as an opportunity for individual improvement!   Think about it this way --- we all suddenly have a weekend of no obligations.   So even though we aren't together, we can make a personal commitment to practice our music and showmanship (in front of mirrors), singing through all of the songs at your own very best quality - with all the dynamics, emotional breaths, tempo, energy, lyrical connection, musical flow, and everything that we work on every week.  Here's a suggested scenario:

  • Vocalize starting with breathing skills (get in touch with your abdominal wall), sirens, bubbling, singing scales, slowing increasing your range and volume.
  • Sing thru CHANGES twice - note where you need some work, focus on those areas.  That may be tempo, quick breaths between phrases to maintain tempo, dynamic plan, open/pure vowels, anything that you notice.   Then go back and improve those areas.  Be your own coach!
  • Record yourself and see how you're doing.  Remember to listen to what you are doing WELL!
  • Now put on your black jacket and rehearse the choreography as much as you can remember.  Check the video on the website and perform along with it so you are building muscle memory.  We'll have a choreo plan for the ending of the uptune by next Thursday.
  • Sing thru HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN twice - note where you need some work, etc.  
  • Now sing it in front of a mirror and see if you are conveying the beautiful love song - is there anything distracting or sad or angry about your facial expressions?  If you have a videocamera on your cell phone, video yourself and check it honestly.  Then work to improve it.

Continue this process for all of the songs that we're planning to sing on our show - they include:

  • Can't Buy Me Love (rhythms, syncopation)
  • From a Distance  (interval tuning)
  • Long Ago & Far Away (gentle flow and dynamic passion)
  • And So it Goes  (check notes)
  • I Will Survive (new skills)
  • Time After Time (connected phrases and emotions)
  • Let Yourself Go
  • The Parting Glass
We would have sung 3 hours on Thursday night, 7 hours on Saturday, and 3 hours on Sunday =  that's a total of 13 hours that we are losing this week.  Please make a personal commitment to spend time this weekend working on your own contribution to the  musical and visual presentation by this fabulous chorus of women! 

I would love to come to rehearsal next Thursday night knowing that we will be moving forward and have not lost any time/momentum.  Six weeks to go before the show - time to really focus! 


Love - Kathy