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posted Mar 14, 2015, 9:31 PM by Kathy Scheel
The Director's Team (section leaders, choreography, costume, and makeup chairs) met today and I want to share with you some of the highlights of our discussions.
 Harmony Classic qualifications:
  • ALL singers must meet 100% accuracy on notes & words for the 4 HC songs. 
  • Evaluations will be "live" at chorus.  Round #1 will be Tuesday, 3/31; Round #2 (follow-up) will be Tuesday, 4/21.  Anyone not achieving 100% by then will be scheduled for a personal evaluation with their section leader.
  • ALL singers must know the interpretive plan (breaths, dynamics, inflections, etc.).  Evaluations for those skills will be in May.
  • Attendance will be tracked by Kathy; all other tracking will be by Section Leaders.
  • Visual qualifications will begin with self-evaluations, starting immediately.  Round #1 - Singers will judge themselves on a video of the 3/17 rehearsal. Round #2 will be 2 weeks later, when everyone watches the videos together.
Costumes:   Klea reported that the costume team is working on meeting the deadline of April 30th for completion of all the cat costumes.  If you are not already involved in some way, volunteer to help.  Even a small task is helpful.  EVERY member will be asked to help prepare the yarn for the wigs & tails.   The team is also researching travel costumes for us to use starting on our trip to Sacramento in September.  They will present several options to me for review and I will approve two options that will be brought to the chorus for a vote.  Majority rules. If you have opinions on costuming, join the costume team.
Makeup:  Sherry was not at the meeting so we'll follow up with more information on this soon.  The videos of cat makeup are on the OSC to HC page of this website.  Check 'em out !!!
PVI Program:  Mary reported that there is growing interest in getting a PVI (Personal Vocal Instruction).  Mary and Lisa are both available to provide these, so get ahold of them to schedule yours soon and you can get new skills on breath support, resonation, etc.
Members:  We have 1 member who has confirmed that she is not going to Las Vegas; 1 who is undecided.  We have 1 snowbird who will be returning in April or May and will need some assistance in catching up on all the changes we've been making.  (Darlene has been sending her CDs - bless her.)  We also have a new dual member who will be living in Longview for the summer.  She has sent her recording to Mary & Lisa for review.  Then her recording will be sent to the music team to serve as her audition.  She will be arriving in late May.  Her name is Anita Treichel (my sister).  And.....IF THERE ARE NOT 40 SINGERS confirmed by mid-June, Dede Nibler would also like to perform with us.  She will not "bump" anyone - and will only join as a dual member if we don't already have 40 at that time.   [We currently have 37 confirmed; 1 strong maybe]
Reno 2016:  The music team was in general agreement that we (a) want to keep the cats package for local performances, and (b) go to Reno with a completely new contest package.   We will sing "All the Way" for our ballad - I'm looking for a new uptune, so send me your ideas (and music).  We will wear the black slacks and the white/teal tops (no black jackets this time).
  • Need a new upbeat Valegrams song for next year.
  • Will take a show of hands to see if members want to do a Christmas Chorus this year (since we'll just be returning from Vegas).
  • Want to have a membership drive/guest night that is not related to Christmas.  Get members in to start learning the contest songs.
  • I Will Survive - After trying several options, we've made a decision (finally).  Watch your emails for info - and we'll be going thru it Tuesday night.