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Costumes, Bling, and More!

posted Jan 27, 2014, 4:20 PM by Kathy Scheel
I know you are all so excited to see how we all look in our new costumes!   It has certainly been a challenge to come up with the right design, color scheme, and materials for this outfit and Toni Roush has led the team with patience and thriftiness!  The plan was originally for all the costumes to be done by end of January so we could wear them at our Advance.  And although Toni knew that we would not be able to meet that goal, she is forging ahead with costume work parties at her home - to cut the various pieces, tack on the simple parts, iron things, etc.  She had one such COSTUME WORK PARTY last Saturday and only one person showed up --- thanks, Janice LaCombe!   The next one is planned for this coming Saturday, February 1st, starting at 10:00.  PLEASE try to go out and help for as long as you can.  We need to get these costumes completed so we can rehearse in them and feel how they flow (and how we move in them). 
I realize there are some concerns about the glitter jacket embellishment.   These will be applied just prior to entering the stage on our March 22nd show, and just prior to leaving our hotel rooms for the traffic pattern in Reno.  Meanwhile, keep them wrapped in the protective paper.   Whoever has hand-vacuums should bring them whenever we bring the bling out !
Also, we need someone to volunteer to either make or research EARRINGS that will go with the costume.   Making them would be much less expensive (usually) and we have the freedom to design earrings the way we'd like.  The approach that's worked in the past is for someone to make a few examples for approval (by me and Toni) - then get a few ladies together to make them for the whole chorus (plus a few extras for future members, and for lost earrings). 
Everyone is asked to bring your black jacket and a white top to the Advance, as well as the multi-colored fabric strips.   I want to be able to see how it will look - and Dede will be able to help us finalize the visual package once she sees the basic plan.  
Love to all - Kathy