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Contests 2011 and 2012 !!!

posted Apr 24, 2011, 10:00 AM by Kathy Scheel
We are right on track for singing at our very highest level - consistently, every time we are together.  It's an amazing experience each week at rehearsal and I'm sure you can feel it, too.   After you get done reading this, I want you to do this for me (and for yourself):  Close your eyes, and envision the entire contest set, from the moment you start walking onto the stage, to the moment you leave the risers and re-enter the auditorium to a huge round of applause.  Visualize every note, every move you make, every perfectly tuned chord.  The more you visualize a PERFECT PERFORMANCE, the more likely it is to happen.   It all depends on YOU, the individual singer, doing her very best.  And I absolutely believe in each of you!

I am WAYYYYY beyond excited about the new uptune I've just purchased for the 2012 contest!   You are all just going to LOVE singing this one and I'm bringing a recording to chorus this week....!  I also purchased the learning tracks for it so you'll get started on it right after contest.  The goal is always to learn songs in 3 weeks but I think you'll like this one so much you'll learn it even quicker than that.  After I show it to you, I'll share a couple of videos of it being performed on youtube .....Yep, I'm just teasin' ya to whet your appetite!  But I promise you will love it ---- it's like a great combination of "Go Tell It on the Mountain" and "Joint is Jumpin" all rolled into one fabulous song.  Here's a little hint....It was a song that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced to in 1936 in the movie "Follow the Fleet"....:) 

FOUR REHEARSALS LEFT -  April 28, May 5, May 7, and May 12.   Be there!

Love - Kathy