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posted Dec 6, 2014, 11:01 AM by Kathy Scheel
Hi ladies / kitties - 
As we start working more on the Cats package for Harmony Classic, you will each be adopting a cat persona.   Klea and her team are working on a costume that will enhance the illusion; we'll be having a theatrical makeup person come in and train us on how to apply makeup to really get us into the character of our own kitties; and there's talk of creating a backdrop that will look like a huge sofa with a window and a bird, and oversized props like a ball of yarn, boxes, and kitty toys - so we'll look like we're all in a big living room.
Check out the way the characters move in "CATS" the musical - some videos can be found on the link shown below.  Although we're not as lithe as those actors/actresses, we will be moving around the stage in cat-like manner.  We'll rarely just stand on the risers in the normal fashion.  Some of you will be laying on the risers; some hanging off the ends, some curled up on the floor, etc.  Every singer will be choreographed - and it's going to be wonderful.  Like a mini-theatrical production, unlike anything I've seen at Harmony Classic so far.   But you're gonna have to start working on it now.   How does it feel to sing in a different position?  You have to just try it out and see - experiment with positions so you can still sing well (especially for the contest song). 

The judging at Harmony Classic is different than a normal contest.  There are 2 judges for each category (Music, Sound, Showmanship, Expression) and a maximum of 1600 points.   Only 1 contest-suitable song is required (that's If You Love Me, Really Love Me) which is scored like normal - 100 points from each judge x 2 judges - total 800 pts.  The entertainment package will be judged overall by all judges and includes the elements of (a) musicality, (2) unity, (3) theme/script/emcee; (4) creativity, and (5) communication.  So that's 800 points for the contest song; and 800 points for the entertainment package = total possible 1600 points.
This package is such an opportunity to really stretch ourselves - and to show the rest of the barbershop world that anything is possible if you think outa the box.  We were the first in Region 24 to use props (chairs/tables).  We were the first in our region to wear a theme color that was different for each member (black/green/lace).  We'll be performing the package several times before we go to Las Vegas, and we'll keep it for a long time afterwards.  So ALL members (whether you are with us on stage in Las Vegas or not), will get to experience the fun of performing it.
We have two shows next summer, so it'll be great to share the fun with audiences and develop a comfort level with it, strengthening the presentation each time.

June 27 (Barbershop & Bluegrass - in Salem)
August 15 (in Newport)

I'm having bi-weekly Skype sessions with Dede Nibler, who has done a lot of theatre and has a lot of experience on the international stage - including Harmony Classic.  She's helping me tweak the performance package so it flows naturally, the  MC work makes sense, it shows our sense of humor, and keeps the audience engaged, amused, and entertained.  All the pet-lovers out there will absolutely love it - and everyone in the audience (including those on the webcast) will remember it for years to come!
But it's going to take lots of work - and that means lots of FUN!  Every performer on the "big stage" knows that the work starts a year in advance.   I'm asking each of you - what is your kitty personality?
At this point, the songs I'm planning in the package are:
- I Will Survive
- If You Love Me, Really Love Me (parody)
- Duetto Buffo du Quatro Gatti
I'm also looking at "In the Wee, Small Hours of the Morning" which we'd start in about February.  The lyrics are perfect for it - and the arrangement is absolutely beautiful.
Music Expectation:   Note-perfect on Duetto and If You Love Me - by Dec 16th (except guests, of course).
You have often proven how high your standards are and that's one of the reasons I love directing OSC!!
Much love -  Kathy