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posted Sep 26, 2011, 4:07 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 5:15 PM ]
This is always such a fun time of year --- welcoming new faces, voices, personalities, and talents into the grop as members of the Christmas Chorus.  They also bring new energy and curiosity ....and they are checking us out, wondering whether they can fit us into their lives.  It's our/your job to let them know all the many benefits of singing in this chorus.  Think about the things that are now a part of your everyday life that weren't there before you joined OSC..... Singing, of course - but really tapping into the inner voice that you knew you had.  Singing and PERFORMING!  In front of 100's of adoring people who give you standing ovations every time.  Being a member of a dynamic and passionate group of performers is unlike anything else you can experience.  (So...when was the last time someone gave you a standing ovation at work??)   Every single one of you has grown as a performer, but also as individuals.  You are stronger, more confident, happier, more self-fulfilled - you experience "highs" that are indescribably delicious.  This would be a GIFT to yourself if you knew what it was.  Sure - it's work - but you know the rewards are terrific!   And then add in the friendships that you've gained - people you love and who love you back - fully and without reservations.  Sisters forever.   There's also the costumes, the makeup, the travel, the competitions, the show, the education, the experience of helping on projects like nut sales, REACH, annual show, finance, roster, marketing, membership drives, valegrams, facilities, events, and the list goes on & on.  You will be offering a lifetime of enrichment to these people we invite to the Christmas Chorus.   Make sure you let them know just how wonderful this group is... and they'll definitely consider coming back and singing with us in January and onward!
Whew .....I sorta got on my passionate soap-box there!   But you got the message, right?  Bring 'em on and we'll show them a good time that they won't want to leave.
Love - Kathy